Report cards

Boo got a report card. Now this would be funny even if she wasn’t Boo. Seriously, they did a report card (or progress report may be the new PC term) for a preschooler. In Boo’s case her report card from the preschool was just down right comical, with lots of exclamation marks (!). Here are some of my favorites:

  • Draws or builds a planned construction: Boo stacked two blocks into a tower! (I really wanted to know if she was going to be an architect!)
  • Knows that print carries a message (Reading Readiness): Enjoys story time!
  • Knows her name: Boo knows her name but refuses to say it!
  • Follows routine of the class: Boo is doing better with less redirection!
  • Copies pre-writing shapes and letter like forms: blank. But the teacher wrote: Boo recently drew a straight line with help!
  • Uses sentences to express ideas and feelings: (they circled “feelings”) Boo says, Don’t Like!
  • Prosocial behavior/Uses thinking skills to relsolve conflicts: No Conflict!

Okay, really. She is in a class of 4 & 5 year old. Do they really need report cards in preschool?  I am all for academic readiness, but this is taking it a bit too far (although Allie wishes her report card was this easy).

What I loved about the report was that you could tell the teacher was trying really hard to be positive. There were so many blank spots where Boo just doesn’t have the skill. The teacher didn’t write “needs improvement” instead she left it blank and then wrote something sweet in that spot instead. Under knowing her name:

“Boo is stubborn about saying her name, since I do not like to lose battles I just don’t ask.”

And my favorite….She ended the report with this comment:

We are so lucky that Boo will be staying with us next year”.

Which is code for: Boo is the only one not “graduating” to the kindergarten or pre-K next year. But apparently I am not the only one who is okay with that!

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15 thoughts on “Report cards

  1. icansaymama

    It is so nice that the teacher tried to be positive! I love that! It is often enough that we get letters and reports that are full of negatives and what our kids cannot do! So I really like that a lot!


  2. Stacey Nicole

    It is ridiculous to have report/progress reports that young but at the same time, it is nice to see a teacher who is so caring and positive, even in the silliness that is a report card for preschoolers. 🙂 My four year old does a pre-K program at a day care so we don't get progress reports, except from his speech and occupational therapists. We received a note last week that our son could pronounce words that start with “fu” well. We found that out a few weeks ago (if you get my meaning)!


  3. Kristi Campbell

    OMG Kerri! I adore you.
    First, This post is so spot-on. Tucker recently got a “report card” sent home and I had to laugh with you at the teacher's sweet notes. I especially liked “Boo recently drew a straight line with help!” because it SO reminded me of my son's report card. He had so many similar comments – where you just have to laugh and be grateful for the teacher's kindnesses. One of his was almost identical to Boo's – something along the line of “Tucker is transitioning occasionally with fewer redirections. We are making progress!” Part of me was like “aw, what a sweet teacher.” The other part of me thought she could have just left that one blank. “Fewer redirections?” Really? Like what, before he needed 14 and now we're down to 11? Sigh. Glad you chose to approach this with humor instead of sadness (said she while realizing the two are the same coin with different sides). <3

    Second, I read your entire post, then re-read it to my husband out loud before I even noticed your awesome pitch for Finding Ninee at the end. Thank you! I am humbled and grateful and can't express how amazingly lucky I feel to have found people like you just because we blog (!) that I consider to be true friends. Thank you. Really. I so appreciate it.


  4. Kristi Campbell

    PS – do they also send home art projects that it's TOTALLY obvious Boo had very little participation in creating? We get them all the time. And yet, even knowing that teachers probably did most of the project for my son, I still feel compelled to display and hoard 😉

    PPS – I think it's great that Boo can have another year where she is. If we're at that point next year, we won't have the option of not transitioning to kindergarden unless we pull Tucker out of the public system and pay for private schools. Sigh. I've already asked about holding him back. So I think that's awesome news, actually.


  5. Mama Meerkat

    That's really sweet that they tried so hard to be positive! It sounds like they really care about helping Boo, which can make such a big difference. Mini was in the same preschool class 2 years in a row with the same teacher, and she is such a sweet woman. We had to pull Mini this fall for medical issues, but even after this school year ends, she still has one full year of preschool left because of where her birthday falls and the cut off dates. I'm glad that she isn't being rushed right into kindergarten.


  6. Kerri

    HA yes they do send home her aides artwork
    I'm always thinking I have to put a grown woman's artwork where she us pretending to be a developmentally delayed 4yo on my refrigerator?

    It is awesome she can stay another year. One of the perks of having a fall birthday. She misses the kindergarten cut off age!


  7. charity

    thats good they are being positive. i know with my daughters progress report they say she is trying and then on the front side says she is very smart just cant communicate. unlike boo however lexi will be going to kindergarten.


  8. Maya

    I think this is part of having an IEP. M gets them too, but there are no comments 😦 It just lists his IEP skills and then whether the goal has been met or is in progress. I guess the purpose is to give us an update as to where they are, since IEP meetings are just once a year? I think it's great that Boo's teacher put a lot of thought into her report! 🙂



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