Things I learned in just 4 days

We do not generally get a lot of snow. So getting almost 3 feet of snow has been a novelty, even if it did shut down our area. But here are things I learned over the weekend:

My Allie is spoiled. We were part of the 5% in our town that never lost power, cable or internet. Allie: I’m bored.

Husbands are foolish. If you offer them a thermos of chowder or stew and they refuse to take it with them to work, they should not call you during the height of the storm to say they are hungry and expect sympathy.

Friends are easy to let go of. As I have written about before, Boo really hates snow. To the point that it is almost traumatic for her. When a “friend” suggested that I just put her in the snow and make her “deal with it” I realized some friends are worth it.

Friends are really easy to cultivate. Especially when you are in the 5% who have power 🙂

We are a spoiled generation. I offered hot showers, flushable toliets, heat, hot meals to everyone I know. What did most take me up on? Coming over to charge their lap tops, IPADS, cell phones and DVD players. I really wish some of them had taken me up on the offer of a shower.

Boo is really protective of Allie. Usually Allie looks out of Boo. But when Allie is out playing in the snow, Boo called to her to “OME ERE”. She wanted Allie inside where it was safe.

People are funny. The minute the driving ban was lifted, what did they do? Form a two mile line to Dunkin Donuts drive thru. You think I am kidding? They local D&D ran out of coffee.

My friends really like beer and wine. The ones that did come over to charge their electronics they managed to drink everything I had in the house. Next time I am charging a bottle of Pinot Grigio for every outlet that is used. Honestly, did they not get my memo about having the proper provisions? This is what happens when you concentrate on milk and bread rather than the essentials.

If you really want to get people crazy, during the height of a storm put this as your status on Facebook: Is anyone else craving Chinese food? (Yes, yes, I did!)
The girls really need to go back to school. I understand they cannot go if the school has no power. But to the power company, please make it a priority.

So long Nemo. Thanks for stopping by. It is time for you to go now. Like right now.

Okay, there is only 3 days left. Go vote for Ninee!!! She just made the top 50 and totally deserves to make the top 10.

11 thoughts on “Things I learned in just 4 days

  1. Kristi Campbell

    First, I can't believe a “friend” suggested you just put poor little Boo in the snow and make her “deal with it.” That's harsh.
    Second, I was cracking up at your line “This is what happens when you concentrate on milk and bread rather than the essentials.” HAAAA
    Third, I hope the girls can go to school SOON! For all of you 😉
    And fourth – WOW, I can't believe you're still plugging the contest for me! Thank you! You're the bestest, sweetest, coolest EVER. ❤


  2. Looking for Blue Sky

    Loved this insight into the lives of the people that you know 🙂 In Dublin we have had NO snow at all this winter, can hardly believe it! And just to say that seeing Boo's face brightens up my day every time I visit here xx


  3. Terrye

    LOL! I love how many 'friends' come out of the woodwork when Mother Nature turns nasty. We used to have problems like that in our little home out in the big woods outside of Wasilla, AK. At least once a year, the power would go out in the middle of winter for about a week. The 'friends' that forgot to prepare for the yearly back to the stoneage, would turn up to take hot showers, eat a hot meal, hang out to watch satellite tv, and generally thaw out.

    We returned the favor by borrowing all their lawn tools for the whole summer. 😀

    Thank you for linking up with the Humor Me! Blog Hop. Much appreciated!!!



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