Oh so helpful

Remember the grand plan I had to whisk my husband away for a weekend? A great friend even offered to watch both girls. How lucky was I, that Boo didn’t terrify her? I guilted a family member into taking crazy puppy. Well, not really guilted. I told her that if she took crazy puppy for the weekend her husband would stop asking to get a dog.

We were all set for this weekend. Except, I told my mother. Whom I love! But then she asked if we were coming down for Easter. I explained that I didn’t want to travel two weekends in a row nor could I afford two trips in less than 7 days. I could tell she was disappointed.

I get home and tell Hubs. He “was looking forward” to going down South to get out of this freaking cold weather. I told Hubs my dilemma. His response? Whatever you want to do. HONEY.

Oh, so helpful.

Going back and forth all night, I decided I was being selfish. That the girls would love to see their grandparents. That we are the only ones ever willing to travel down there to see them. They always have to travel to see family. That the holidays are tough when it is just the two of them.

And then Boo got sick at about 3am. (side note, guess who was working?) Again, I was on the fence.  I know our friend will be awesome, and am so thankful for her offer. But…..

Between the guilt and the worry it just isn’t worth it. I cancelled our reservations and I will beg “J” to keep her offer open for when it is warmer. That we will try again for some time away. I was also thinking that this is something our parents never worried about. They never traveled without us. Back in the day, people just didn’t travel as often period. Let alone a vacation from their kids.

Yes, I admit, it would be a vacation from the girls!

I called Hubs and let him know that I cancelled the reservations. His response: Why? I told him my reasoning. His reply: Well if that’s what you want to do.

Did I mention how helpful he is?

5 thoughts on “Oh so helpful

  1. Kristi Campbell

    ARGH. Yes, very helpful, huh? I'll bet you guys will all have a blast with your parents. Maybe while you're there, you and hubs could steal a couple hours away after the girls are in bed? Like a date night? Feed them Benadryl? Just kidding about the Benadryl part. Or, maybe not…
    Sorry to hear you cancelled your trip but I would have done the same thing. I'm trying to guilt my husband into staying at home for Easter so that I can have 2 whole days off while he is not working to catch up on blog stuff, home stuff, and just me stuff. The last time I had a haircut? Can't remember.


  2. Michelle

    Why are we always the ones to make the final decisions on everything?! Ugh! Sorry you ended up cancelling the reservations for the adult getaway … hopefully you can go when the weather is warmer since your friend was willing to watch them this time! And now you get to go somewhere warmer for Easter and the girls get to see their grandparents; it'll all work out in the end.


  3. RaeLeah

    “Whatever you want to do,” is often said in our home as well and it nearly drives me bonkers. I have often told him that it is not helpful when he doesn't have his own opinion, but it doesn't change and he believe he is being helpful.

    I am sorry you had to cancel your trip and I hope Boo feels better soon.


  4. Misty @ Meet The Cottons

    i know someone who often complains that she and her husband never get to do anything together, but have a whole lot of date nights according to her facebook… personally, i think date night is too much pressure. when life happens and your date night doesn't, you just feel guilty, like you've let yourself and your spouse down. plus, i feel guilty leaving my kids at home…sometimes. we've never tried a getaway that lasted longer than sun up to sun down. i'd probably have a panic attack being away from my kids over night!



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