Favorite holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday. First, I don’t have to go into debt buying a bunch of presents that no one really wants. Second, hello music and wine. Enough said! I joke that Hubs will work Valentines Day every year, but will make sure he takes March 17th off for me.

He does know the way to my heart. He even got a sitter for yesterday! Well, his mom. But woo hoo.

We decided to early for a late-lunch/early-dinner and then get the girls by 5-ish. Yeah right. See, there was this fire…..we had barely got into the Pub when his radio went off. You could tell he wanted to leave. He was like a little kid doing the night before Christmas dance. Luckily we were with friends so off he went.

A couple of glasses of wine, Irish jigs with strangers teaching the young ones how to clap to “No, Nay, Never” he returns. He felt it was the best holiday ever: beer, Sheppard’s pie, and a brush fire. And this happened:

Instead of leaving at a respectable 4pm, it was more like 7-ish. (hey at least it was 7-ish pm and not am!). We went to pick up the girls all was well. They had a fantastic time with their Grammie.

Best holiday of the year. No cooking, no shopping, no credit card debt and a picture I can embarrass my husband with!

6 thoughts on “Favorite holiday.

  1. Kristi Campbell

    OOH now I'm jealous! We did basically nothing yesterday. Oh wait. We went to Costco and it was crowded and sucky, so there's that. I love that the girls had a blast with Grammie (so jealous you guys have a grandma in town) AND that you had a fun dinner and were able to spread your vast knowledge to today's youth with teaching them “No Nay Never!”

    Hehehe “hello music and wine!” 😀


  2. Misty @ Meet The Cottons

    i love the word pub. i know that's a totally random comment, but it's, like 3:15 in the morning and JT has been up with the stomach bug for a couple hours so my brain is not at peak performance this morning!

    we didn't do anything for st. patrick's day! didn't even wear green. we are such losers!



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