Five minute Friday: Remember

Today’s Five-minute spark is: Remember

Remember when we first met? We were twelve and there was a crazy teacher in the room who wore rocks on her head. Thru fate we sat at that science table together. I was shy, you were pretty. You asked me over that day afterschool.

It was the first time a friend had invited me over, just me, that I can recall.

We were fast friends, ultimate confidants. We spent weeks at each other’s houses. I always wanted to spend more time at yours. You freaked me out with horror movies. I had to move my bed away from the windows after one Jason movie.

We traveled to Spain together, with a contract your mom made us sign that said we wouldn’t let others come between us, we would not fight and we would not leave the other alone in a strange country.

You taught me how to use a tampon, in Spain of all places. And when it fell out because I did it wrong you were the only one not to laugh but call encouragement and more explicit directions through the door.

When my family fell apart, you stood by. When you had the life I envied, you always made sure to I was a part of your adventures. You went to college, married and traveled to another country without me. Yet you were always there.

Then you moved back and we found that even years and miles apart, we were still as close as when we were 12.

We have survived break-ups, marriages and childbirth. When I had Allie you were there with joy. When I had Boo you were there with joy and more importantly understanding. You are my rock, my friend and my sister.

Remember when we were 12 and there was that crazy woman teaching a class with rocks on her head?  Who would have thought we would still be holding on 30 years later……

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14 thoughts on “Five minute Friday: Remember

  1. Kerri

    Can you imagine how much more I could have embarrassed her if I had more than 5 minutes? As it was I got a text saying you told them about the tampon!!!

    I do confess to thinking about the memories before writing them down. But again stopped myself before I put something in there that would be too TMI 🙂



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