It’s Friday!

Time for Finish that Sentence Friday. And today’s snippet is….

“If I could live anywhere I’d live…”

Now I know you are expecting me to say a tropical island with a nice cabana boy who brings me wine at regular intervals…and yes that would be super cool (or warm, I guess). But if I could live anywhere?

I would live in Allie’s brain. Ew, gross you might be thinking? Really who would want to live in squishy brain matter….But I think it would be super cool.

I would be able to talk to fairies, sprites and nymphs (and I would also be able to figure out why they are different). I could look outside and see the fairy houses that were created overnight rather than looking at the leaves that have overtaken my flowerbeds. Instead of seeing a messy bedroom I would see a horse farm in one corner, a Barbie paradise in another and the oh so important stuffed animal corral on the top bunk. The only part of Allie world that Boo cannot be destructo baby in.

Then there is  the man cave that Allie has taken over. The playhouse that is where the American Girl Dolls live and have high adventures. Under the pool table? That’s not a pool table MOM (exaggerated sigh) that is where Tinkerbell hid the leprechaun so we can get his gold (thank you Auntie Krafty K for that trap by the way). Oh and that dollhouse? That is where Periwinkle lives in the winter. She travels (who knew) between Allie’s room and the man cave dependent on the season.

I don’t have a summer home, let alone a winter home. Yet Allie’s fairies have vacation homes, condos and leprechauns who give them gold. Maybe I can start charging them rent!

Yes, it would be awesome, wicked awesome, to live in Allie’s brain. If just for a day.

Most importantly, my mind would not be concerned with magnets, every day math or math facts! 

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21 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

  1. Jean Heff

    I would love to live in both of my kids' brains for a day. My daughter can't speak yet but you can just see those gears turning. My son does nothing but speak but he catches on so fast to everything, I would love to feel what that is like. Great post.


  2. Kristi Campbell

    OMG I can't believe that you and I both chose fictional places without even knowing it first. It's like we're in high school and dressed alike and then nobody believed us that we didn't plan it which we didn't. I love this. You, my friend, are freaking AWESOME. Oh and I want to live in Allie's brain, too. Where under the pool table is magic.


  3. icansaymama

    This is so cool and sounds really awesome! I would love to live in Sunny's brain, too! I thought about that so often! Great post!
    And, funnily, I have chosen a fictional place for my FTSF, too! 🙂


  4. Chris Coyle

    Personally, I would like to talk to fairies, sprites, and nymphs all while that cut cabana boy was delivering me wine. Oh, and we could tip the cabana boy with the gold we stole from the leprechaun. 😉


  5. Maggie Amada

    Love this! Fairies, Sprites and nymphs are way cooler than cabana boys. Now if we could have a fairy cabana boy, that would be awesome. I'm sure I get my daughter on board with that.


  6. Jen

    Amazing take. I wish I could live in my boy's brain as well. I think I would also understand so much more, and know exactly why I should be patient, and let him “finish” whatever it is his brain is doing! I could really enjoy that!


  7. calrk

    very good Post…and a wonderful idea… the mind of a child tells that there is, in fact, magic if we can only allow ourselves to see it.
    And while most of us have out-grown the ability to the worlds as they (might) be…your Post reminds us that we can at least see the reflection of this magic in the eyes of the child


  8. Terrye Toombs

    That sounds like a great place to visit! 🙂 Hubby tells me I need to grow up, so maybe I'm already living in my 6 year old's brain? 🙂 Oh, and don't forget to take pictures of the fairies – I hear there's a reward if you can prove that they're real. 😀


  9. Melissa S.

    Love your daughter's imagination. That means you are doing something so very right! Although I might be a little scared to wander around in my toddler's brain. She moves at the speed of light. I move more at the speed of snail.



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