Boo hunted!

Small disclaimer. I am not to be trusted with an IPHONE. No seriously, my Kindle has taught me that I would get nothing done if I have an IPHONE. This is why it took me over a week for my Easter post. Oh well, I am nothing if not prompt!  So here we go, a week and a half late….

I am always nervous at the holidays. Boo doesn’t always react well to disruptions in her routine. Easter was no exception. The baskets kind of freaked her out. Not bad, not nearly as bad as the Christmas stockings. We kept it low-key, just us. She had fun decorating the Easter Eggs, until she tried to drink the vinegar.

The Eggs had cracks, but she had fun!

After Church when friends and family arrived for the Egg Hunt Boo was under the desk watching Austin & Allie on her IPAD. This holiday we were determined to be smart and not force her be involved. Rather we would celebrate and allow her to join us at her own speed.

We had hidden over 200 eggs (yep, we are crazy like that) in the yard. We gave the other children explicit instructions that the eggs on the deck were for Boo. They were welcome to the other 185 throughout the yard. We brought Boo outside, she took one look at the other kids running around and….JOINED IN!!! 

Boo was so excited by the eggs. She ran around the deck shouting EGG. She put them in her basket (way to go PT/OT). And while finding her 10 or so eggs took her as long as the other children finding their 180, she had just as much fun.

She spent the rest of the day carrying around her basket. Where she drew the line? Well, that was with the leaves….

The day was awesome. When it got too much for Boo, she retreated to her happy place. And we were all okay with that!

Crazy Puppy Bailey keeping watch

Happy (very) late Easter everyone! 

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