Why oh why

The girls are on Spring break this week. After a whirlwind trip to visit the grandparents that included a trip to Busch Gardens, pedicures and dinners out I thought they would be bored sitting at home.

Luckily Allie had an idea of how to pass the time. She got the stomach bug. The good kind that arrives at midnight one day and leaves by midnight the next.

Why, oh why, do throw up bugs never arrive when it is daylight? Seriously, I am thinking it is some kind of conspiracy.

Why, oh why, when you place the bucket right next to their heads children miss the bucket entirely and proceed to hit everything else in the room? Again, conspiracy.

When I couldn’t convince Allie that moaning that she didn’t feel good was not helping, I joined her. Not in acquiring the bug but in the moaning that I was tired and couldn’t we just lay there….

Speaking of laying there, why oh why can children only sleep comfortably if they are on top of you and to achieve the most comfort they have to be obscuring your airway? Or your bladder?

Boo on the other hand is having the time of her life. She is hitting Allie on the head saying “et up” (her version of wake up). Husband tried to do laundry. When tried, I mean he put the clothes through the wash. It was folding with Boo’s help that kind of messed up his process.

That and Boo’s insistence that the puppy should be covered with the clean clothes.

It just so happens that this is their vacation fall on most of my husband’s off days. Leaving him home with them and me….well

Why oh why do I escape to work? Because I can! (Sorry husband!) 

9 thoughts on “Why oh why

  1. Melissa@Home on Deranged

    You are so right about getting sick at night. Last night, in fact, poor hubs was putting the 11 month old to bed and just as he was about to lay her down, she turned her head toward him and yakked all over the place. Could've heard him yell from the neighbor's house. Only funny cuz it didn't happen to me!


  2. Courtney

    Oh no! I hope she feels better. I know what you mean, I wonder why kids never get sick in the day? It's a strange phenomenon since the beginning of time. Thanks for finding me! My son has autism, but we had to search and search and search for his diagnosis. Good luck! I hope you find strategies that help.


  3. JenKehl.com

    Man….that whole getting sick thing! It always happens at night! Last time it happened right after I had changed the sheets, but not washed the dirty ones yet! I was up all night doing laundry, rotating towels. It was ugly. Midnight showers….yuck. No rules. Not fair!


  4. RACHEL TaoOfPoop

    I never go out with friends. The one night I did, I looked at my cell phone and had three messages and 10 texts from my husband. Claire had the stomach flu and I needed to get home RIGHT NOW! Why, oh, why is right.



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