Jump (for 5 minutes!)

On Fridays one of my favorite things to do is participate in Lisa-Jo Baker’s 5-minute Friday prompt. Five minutes, no editing, unfiltered, just writing from the heart. That is my take anyway. 

This week’s prompt: JUMP

Ready, set, go

Dear the Fellow that I fired, remember when you told me that Boo would never walk, talk, know us. She was six-months old. You told her father and I that she had a brain disorder which meant her brain pattern was ‘too slow’. 

I went home and cried. Then I call your boss. You know the head of Neurology. Who told me you had no right, no freaking right to tell me that my daughter might do or not do anything. She has an unknown genetic disorder NEVER SEEN before. That very rarely do you take MRI’s of 6-month old brains. Exactly what would he have compared to Boo too? 

So he told me you were off our case. We got transferred to another Fellow. An awesome doctor who believes in our daughter.

Four years later, after 9 months of therapy Boo jumped. Yes, you freaking jerk, my daughter not only laughs, signs and talks, knows her sister, her father, myself and HER FRIENDS. My daughter also walks and loves her puppy!

Boo not only loving but kissing her puppy!

And this week not only did she jump, she jumped over a line.

What you took for granted in your knowledge of all things is that you knew nothing of my daughter’s strength, joy, heart and determination. You did not know that she has a circle of people who make her more than you ever gave her credit for.

Boo jumped. And I hate that for a minute you made me think she wouldn’t.

Damn you, you made me doubt my daughter. Just once, at 6m of age. After I talked to your boss, I never did again.

Boo jumped.


Darn it I am out of time! I had so much more to say on this subject. Obviously I have some unresolved anger at that Fellow. But I am also thankful for the Fellow his boss assigned Boo’s care, who is now an MD. This wonderful doctor who saw the potential in Boo and never told me to give up!

Thanks, Lisa-Jo for letting me participate. It is very therapeutic obviously! 

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24 thoughts on “Jump (for 5 minutes!)

  1. Ruchira Khanna


    Such little things are actually very important in all our lives. Kerri, looking on the positive side, my friend you get to witness such small yet important pleasures of man's progress!

    Happy Friday!
    A great post..sharing it across!


  2. icansaymama

    Awww Kerri!! Excuse my french, but what an a***hole this guy was! I am so glad you were transferred to another Fellow who knows how to handle precious kids and precious parents!

    I love it so much that our kids are so determined and never cease to amaze us! And that they continuously tell us not to lose hope and to always believe in them!

    We had a similar experience when Sunny was just 8 days old (!) and were horrified because it came out of the blue and was a complete shock! We never set foot into that hospital again. Needless to say that every syndrome the two doctors suspected from just seeing him once for about 15 minutes (!) did not match. I am still so mad at them!


  3. K

    Beautiful post, as always. I have no doubt that Boo will continue to amaze and inspire everyone around her – she is awesome.


  4. Stacey Nicole

    You rock. So does Boo. F anyone who says your daughter won't do something. If every parent gave up on their child the moment they heard that their child wouldn't be able to do x, y, or z, imagine how many less awesome, productive (in their own way) members of society we'd have. That would suck.


  5. Jamie

    I'm so thankful that I read this post tonight. What a joyous face and spirit. What a lesson your words are to refuse the negative. Those who want to place us in a box of their own making. And what a wonderful photo of Boo with her dog. That expresses how I feel about ours.


  6. Mama Meerkat

    That's awesome! Rock on, Boo. 🙂 I was so excited when Mini started jumping. For a long time she just kind of bent her knees up and down. The day she finally got off the ground was so cool to see.


  7. Kerri Ames

    You should have seen them today. Boo was in so much pain, but was holding onto Bailey like he was her lifeline. He never moved until she let go. Then the crazy pup went and terrorized Allie. So calm with Boo and a terror to Allie!


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