Second guessing….

Quick aside, I originally had written this to be posted the day after the Boston Marathon. Obviously I had other venting to be done. But because I feel this is an important topic I decided that while the Glee episode has come and gone I still want to know what everyone thinks.


By now, I hope, everyone is aware Robert Saylor’s murder and the acquittal of the officer’s who caused his death. There is a great post by Meriah that you should read (right now, then come back) that puts why his murder is murder in such an eloquent fashion.

As the World turns, right after I read that post I happened to read about a recent Glee episode that depicted a Newtown-esq shooting.  I should admit to never seeing an episode of Glee (even this one I am going to write about)….

Personally, I think anything that brings our children’s safety to forefront of discussion, even if we might not agree when it comes to gun control, is more than important. It should be in our daily conversations, on our minds and not just something that happens and we move on with our lives. I do not think we should have our heads in the sand or disrespect the victim’s memory by forgetting.

That aside, I am conflicted when I read that the ‘shooter’ in the Glee episode has Down syndrome.

My heart is breaking anew over my friend’s whose children have autism had to once again fight the fight that although the Newtown shooter MAY have had autism (we do not know) does not mean that BECAUSE he had autism he became a homicidal maniac.

I want all of our children to be judged on who they are, not what they might be diagnosed (or not diagnosed). And therein lies my conflict…

  • Should the actress, Lauren Potter, who has Down syndrome not get the role of the shooter because some one might think negatively about a person with Down syndrome?
  • Should she be denied the opportunity to play an important role?
  • Should the role not been offered to Lauren so as not to have a negative impact on her community?
  • Should the producers have chosen any other cast member to play the role of the shooter?
  • If the producers had chosen, let’s say an African-American, a homosexual, a girl, a dog with six legs would there be any outcry/worry/concern?

The many thoughts I have on this confuse even me!

I think Lauren Potter should have every opportunity her acting talent allows. And I think it is super cool that she is the face of the Best Buddies and is in a contest with our Quarterback Tom Brady.

glee school shooting

(photo credit: Huffington Post)

I want all of our children to have the best opportunities available. Even if it scares me that the opportunity might not be comfortable.

In the end, at least we get to have the discussion.

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