I want to thank Rachel from Tao of Poop for calling me beautiful and giving me the Beautiful Mama award. She wasn’t really specific in how I should respond, so I decided to follow her lead and write about the beauty of a Mom.

beautiful mama
Thanks, Rachel!

I never felt beautiful until becoming a mother. No, not more self-esteem issues! But no one, absolutely no one, looks at a person with such adoration as a child to their mother.

I know my mom loves me, like I love my girls. But I also know that a child’s love ‘to’ their mother is just different. Parents see your potential and your flaws. That’s what makes them parents. Otherwise they would let you watch TV all day and eat M&M’s for breakfast.

Children, on the other hand, don’t see their mother’s flaws. They see a beautiful woman, one full of knowledge. They don’t see love handles, muffin tops or frizzy hair. Children don’t see wrinkles or not-perfect teeth.

From the moment they first are laid on your chest, they see love. They trust us implicitly. They trust us to hold their hands, their bikes, to never let them fall.  I never in a million years understood this concept. I think of the hard-time I have my mom in my teenage years. I knew no matter how I pushed the boundaries, I always loved and trusted her to save me. But it took my children to show me, once again, how awesome my mom is. I know I love her more than she loves me, and that is the way a child’s love should be.

A love without flaw.

And now I get to call other woman beautiful, the favorite part of the award! I bestow the title of Beautiful Mama to:

Joy at I can Say Mamma
Bron at Big Brother, Little Sister and the Baby
Dani G at I’m just that way and that’s just me!

There were rules, supposedly, with this award, but since Rachel didn’t follow them it lets me off the hook! For example, I wasn’t sure how many people I was allowed to award, so I stuck with three. But every Mama I know is beautiful!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you and yours are safe and loved.

15 thoughts on “Motherhood

  1. K

    Wonderful post. I'm not a mom myself but I know how important they are in our lives…I don't know what I would do without my mom!

    Thank you, too, for the link you posted on my blog; those pictures were awesome! 🙂


  2. Dana @ Kiss My List

    Your post is beautiful, and I don't mean to be a spoil sport, but my children see my wrinkles and frizzy hair, and will point them out to me. But they do love me unconditionally – of that I am positive. Congrats on the award, Beautiful Mama!


  3. Kerri Ames

    True, Allie actually wrote to Santa to ask him to give me either a better singing voice or not to sing at all. She preferred the no singing of the two options. To pay her back I sang (instead of talking) to her in front of all her friends at the bus stop. Mother of the year for sure!


  4. icansaymama

    Congrats on the award, my sweet friend!! I would have chosen you, too! Your post about motherhood says it perfectly! LOVE it!

    And thank you so much for nominating me! I feel humbled and will hopefully post about it soon! xoxoxo


  5. RACHEL TaoOfPoop

    I'm SO glad that I nominated you and SO glad you didn't follow the rules (even though I didn't make it very clear how to). What you did here is beautiful. What you wrote is why I called you “beautiful mama”.


  6. Alana Terry

    Yes, I love how our kids see us without flaws. My husband asked our oldest son who the prettiest girl in the world is, and he kind of rolled his eyes and said, “Mom,” with this total “DUH” expression you would have had to see! Way to go beautiful mama!



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