It is Friday and time to take 5 minutes out of the day to just write. Lisa-Jo Baker’s prompt this week is: BRAVE

Ready, set, go!

When I think of Brave I think of my husband. He is either the bravest or most foolish person I know. Seriously, think about it for a moment. He runs INTO a burning building not out of it. He has been electrocuted, dropped 2 stories during a training exercise and yet he still goes back for more.

And trust me, the pay isn’t all that worth it.

He goes into work all hours of the night. I swear I don’t even hear him leave or come home anymore. Allie knows that if we have plans Daddy may or may not be joining us. I cannot tell you how often I have finished a meal by myself.

I know he would say differently, but his love for the job comes before all else. If he had to choose between his family and the fire service he would OF COURSE choose us. But we love him enough not to make him decide. He has been on the fire department since high school and you don’t change what you love about some one.

But he lives, lives, I tell you for the fire service. He joins every tech team they make up. He is on the confined space team. You know if a building collapses? He is the one that will be in there searching for survivors.

Wildfires? Or as we call them here, brush fires. He is on that team too. That is his ‘favorite’ fire. And how weird is that, to have a favorite kind of fire?

Drowning, boat in distress need the dive team? He will probalby be on the call.

I did ask him once if he was ever scared. He said, no because if he ever was he couldn’t do his job.
So again that makes him either very brave or very foolish.


Five Minute Friday

What makes you brave?

9 thoughts on “Brave

  1. Lois @ Live Nourished

    Wow. It's great to hear how passionate he is. And I'm sure the people that he rescues really appreciate it. Your daughter is beautiful, by the way! So beautiful. May God bless you all as you live for Him.


  2. Sylvia

    I had no idea that your husband was a hero! You must be pretty brave too. It has got to be hard! Malcolm was a volunteer firefighter before we moved, but he didn't join up here. I'm kind of glad he didn't!



    Love it. Your husband is brave, no doubt about it. It is hard sometimes to have a spouse who is so passionate about what they do, but that is why we love them, right!



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