First impressions

I admit it, I am totally one for first impressions.  In random order here is what I tend to notice:

1. Their hair. Only because mine looks like this:

            When I really want it to look like this:

Okay, if I looked like Katie Holmes’
I would be super happy too.

2. If I am in “the” Wal-Mart I notice that people do not have my issues with self-esteem. They will leave the house wearing anything and sometimes not enough anythings.

Am I the only one concerned that this woman
seems to have posed for this picture?

3. Piercings, now don’t tell me I am all stuff. I used to have a belly piercing myself. Until I had Allie and two things happened. One, I didn’t want a toddler pulling it out and two, my belly is no near back into shape to show it off! I just don’t get how we went from the 80’s with two piercings in our ears to, well, this…

If Allie comes home with this guy
hubs might have an issue. Forget might
he will probably need bail money

4. Their feet. Pre-children I wore the best shoes, had the prettiest pedicure. Now I am either in sneakers or flip flops. Nail polish might be on the toes but it might be hard to find. And no, I am not going to gross you out with feet pictures. The piercing picture was enough, don’t you think?

5. Their children. I am in awe of the families in Mass whose children sit so quietly in the pew. Mine? Boo is usually snorting or screaming “hi” at people. Allie is usually drawing, while laying across the pew so no one can see her. She does, however, stand and kneel when appropriate. I think the perfect families must use some witchcraft to make their kids behave.

6. Their hair. yes, it is so important to me I must count it twice.

7. Their ability to coordinate their outfits. I am usually a wrinkled mess that may probably not have been current this season. I know it is possible though to look like you stepped out of a Ralph Lauren Catalog. I have this great friend and she (and her daughters) are always perfectly dressed. Oh how I envy them. I want to leave the house looking like this…

and end up like this..

I wasn’t kidding about the hair…

8. Their accent. You maybe thinking, how can their accent be the FIRST thing you notice about some one? I ask you to think of the last telemarketer or help-hot-line number you called. Enough said.

9. Their spouse. I always wonder how did she/he end up with him/her. Oh come on, you have wondered the same thing!

How on Earth did a TV reporter end up with the guy from the Federal Reserve? I bet it was E-harmony.

And last but not least (remember no particular order)…

10. That the woman on the airplane is reading 50 Shades of Grey in hardcover, without the jacket removed. Didn’t she realize that if it was on her Kindle no one would know that she is reading lady-porn?

This list of first impressions has been brought to you by the Good Life.

Happy Monday Everyone!

21 thoughts on “First impressions

  1. Kate Hall

    ahahaha! That last one is funny. I notice accents too and personality. I also notice WHAT people say and whether they are modest or smug. That has a tendency to move me in one direction or the other – toward them or away from them.


  2. Stacey Nicole

    Oh my gosh, this made me giggle. I do not know in which order I “judge” people first. It used to be eyes. I agree about the people at Wal-Mart without self esteem issues. I once ran into a person at Wal-Mart, a person with whom I had communicated with only on Facebook. I was mortified that the person saw me in a fitted tee, jeans, and tennis shoes, what I considered my “I don't give a d–n” outfit, but an outfit that was better than most in Wal-Mart. I remember seeing a young woman at Wal-Mart who was in her pajamas, but had a heavily made up face. It takes me less than five minutes to do full on make-up (which I wear once, maybe twice a week), so in my mind, she should have had time to get dressed then put on make-up.

    As for overall style fashion, I know I don't have it. I have never really cared about being fashionable. I vowed while pregnant with my oldest that I would not live in sweats and t-shirts and end up on 'What Not To Wear'. I wear jeans, dressy-casual shirts and ballet flats (or now sandals). I cannot coordinate an outfit. I think the only time I look good is for church.

    As for children, yes, I've wondered. Not too long ago, a couple with a child who wasn't minding pointed to my youngest sitting still in the buggy and said “See? He's being good, why can't you?” Oh how I wanted to tell them that this was a fluke, that usually I was the one asking my kid why can't he be like the well behaved ones.


  3. Dana Hemelt

    Great list, Kerri – you had some I didn't even think about. It is interesting to observe couples who don't seem to go together. Sometimes my husband and I make up stories about odd couples and how they met. I guess that makes us odd too.


  4. Stacey Nicole

    Uh, no. I was born and raised in Texas. When I lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I really had no accent. I have lived in NE Texas for twelve years now and sound more hick than I care to. I do not like my voice/accent at all. I'm sure all of you would laugh at it, even though I do sound more refined than many people around here. 😉


  5. Stacey Nicole

    My husband is thirteen years older than I am. He was raised in the country (on farms); I was raised in the suburbs. I had been a vegetarian for eleven years when we began dating; he is a hunter. We are most assuredly a match only God could make, because we are rather an odd couple … but we are a perfect match.


  6. Kerri Ames

    I had a friend from upstate NY that moved to back-water Alabama and was hired at a company to answer the phone. Based solely on the fact she didn't have a southern accent 🙂


  7. Maggie Amada

    Very funny. I tend to judge people by the all-important vibe. It's a weird mystical concoction of feelings, words out of their mouth, looks, smiles and whether I had my coffee already.


  8. Deb CG

    HAHAHA. Your hair does not look like that!

    And yeah, after my post today about self-compassion on Kristi's blog, I am humbled by the woman with the, ahem, boobs.



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