It is Friday and that means I take 5 minutes to write, just write, with a one word prompt from Lisa Jo Baker. Ready, set and start.


I fall in love a little more each day. First love is easy, but to stay in love is tough. There is laundry, diapers and life getting in the way of love. There is work, stress and a million things that I put over falling in love with my family.

I love them all quite differently.

I love my husband for his sense of humor, his steadfastness and even the things that drive me crazy. Like when he thinks he knows it all. Eighteen years later I still don’t know what trick he might pull on me. I love my husband for the security he provides and for the love he shows our daughters. The hunter who expected to be taking his sons fishing and target shooting has been seen (not photographed) playing Barbies and tea parties.

I love my Allie for her take on life. Her utter honesty, the way she sees the fairies in the yard. The fact that I love her in spite of her ability to make my ears bleed with her never-ending stories. I love Allie for her imagination. When she takes two hours setting up the scenario before she starts playing with her dolls and horses.

I love my Boo for the way she hugs. This morning she woke up at the butt crack of dawn. As we laid back in bed, her arm snuck around my neck as she settled in. My heart broke and I fell a little more in love with this child of joy. I love Boo’s belly laugh, how she puts her entire body into the expression of happiness. I love how Boo’s hug can make some one’s day. How she screeches her joy. I love how Boo says AYAAAYYYYYAAAAA as she calms herself to sleep.

Falling in love is simple. Staying in love is work. Being able to fall in love a little more each day with my family makes staying in love easier.


Five Minute Friday

3 thoughts on “Fall

  1. icansaymama

    Love all the ways you fell and still fall in love with your beautiful family!

    I would so much love to hear Boo's AYAAAYYYYYAAAAA, getting a good hug from her. I would love to meet you and your gorgeous husband and I would love to play some imaginative storyline with Allie!

    You guys are awesome! xo



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