Updated rules

I don’t know why people do not pay attention to rules. Rules make life more organized and enjoyable. There is also less mom-torture with rules. For example, if you do not give a child a toy that makes obscenely loud noises the mother may invite you to the next party.

My mother-in-law, whom I do love, enjoys flaunting the rules. She will give the girls a present that she is sure will be loads of fun. But she never thinks hey what will happen when they try to take it out of the box?

See my mother-in-law loves QVC. She even went on a cruise with QVC to see some cracker lady live and in person. Her obsession is so bad that one day Allie saw a commercial on TV and replied, only 3 easy payments of $19.99 with your QVC charge. And this is how my MIL defies the rules. She buys from QVC where a savvy mother cannot then quietly exchange the gift for clothes or diapers. Her other trick is yard/estate sales. Yesterday Allie came home with four more Barbies. To go with her collection of 500 currently residing under her bed.

My MIL is also a fabulous regifter. For example, she bought Allie a tunnel system when she was about two. Fast-forward eight years later and MIL finds the gift she forgot to give to Allie. She then regifted it to Boo last fall.

I hid the gift in the basement and was successful until Allie went down to escape the heat of our 76 degree heat wave. Up she comes with this wonderful gift asking why isn’t it put together?

Guilted into putting it together because ‘we are so bored’ with our current toys I took an hour away from playing on Facebook cleaning the house and viola a new play structure was born.

The fact that I had to rearrange the living room to fit the tunnel system into the house just added to my joy.

Added to after all was said and done Boo refused to go into the tunnel system made me think of a proper revenge gift for my MIL.

Notice how Boo isn’t even in the room that the tunnel is trying to escape from? Yeah, I did too. So I stole her IPAD and Puppy and strategically placed them closer to the teepee.

David came home and said: Let me guess, my mom gave them this gift? Exactly how did he know which grandparent was responsible you might be wondering. No he is not all-knowing. 

You see, my mom doesn’t live in our town. She knows if she gives something this wonderful she will not have a place to stay in July.

What is the worst gift the grandparents have ever given your children?

11 thoughts on “Updated rules

  1. Michelle Liew

    Rules are meant to be followed, but they are also meant to be broken, depending on the situation I suppose! There are times when we really need to follow set rules, like setting up that fantastic tunnel system you've got there. I'm sure Boo is enjoying it!


  2. Sylvia

    That is one huge tunnel system! I must confess-I'm the grandma now and I gave my grandson a not quite as big tunnel system for Christmas last year! He was afraid of it! Can you put that thing outside?


  3. Anonymous

    lol i love the tunnel system…. is the roller coast up? At least you only have mom (MIL), I had her and dad (FIL) when the boys were young…. I think they both tried to out do each other…. Enjoy I am glad MIL 2 grandsons are adults now.
    Love SIL, Sherry


  4. Kristi Campbell

    Holy crap. We had a huge tent tunnel system thing like that from my MIL. I'm happy to say that it finally broke. It was never – ever – not once – played with “appropriately.” Tucker made me wear the tunnel and chase him (blindly) around the house. I told MIL to just give him money for college. Did she listen? Nope.


  5. Anonymous

    We were living in a tiny little apartment and struggling to make it each month. MY parents gifted our then 2yr old daughter and 3 yr old son with a ginormous ride on train! The track barely fit in the livingroom. Money for groceries or gas would have been FAR more appreciated. Now that we are expecting our first grandchild I've already started stocking up on diapers and books and NOT toys!


  6. Melissa@Home on Deranged

    I think your MIL and my MIL were separated at birth. She loves to give these gifts that the girls do love in the moment, and then we are left with the aftermath. But the ball pit did turn out to be a good choice. sigh…


  7. Stephanie Sprenger

    AHHH! That is diabolical! And funny, at least to those of us reading! My MIL used to send boxes that looked like a pink princess vomited inside them. Now my oldest is “over” princesses, so who knows what we can look forward to next?


  8. charity

    my father usually gives my daughter board games she cant play or some type of toy that she isnt old enough for yet or isnt developmentally old enough yet.


  9. Anonymous

    Bwahahahaha..snort..Sorry! I couldn't help but laugh..I know we're next! Just remember..we did make the redneck waterbed for Boo!


  10. icansaymama

    That tunnel system is da bomb!! I love how Boo decided to play with her iPad outside the room!! Hilarious!!

    I think you should gift it to your MIL for the days when the kids are staying at her house 😉



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