Summer vacation isn’t even here yet and already I am hearing I’m bored. Allie Some people in this house might not survive until September. I offered some suggestions, but they were turned down.

And it confuses me. I thought I had some really great ideas. They included:

Painting the house.
Cleaning some one’s room.
Giving the dog a bath.
Reading a book.
Playing in their room with a few million toys.
Playing outside
Playing in the basement
Riding a bike or scooter
Cleaning the bathroom
Sweeping the floors
Changing your sister’s diaper

None of the above worked, so I took out the heavy guns:

If there is nothing in this house to amuse you, I will clean out your room with a trash bag so you are not bothered by all that “stuff”.

It bought me 30 minutes of quiet. And a quick happy dance that there is still 2 days of school left.

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