A wrap up of the 4th

The 4th of July dawned bright and early for us. Unbeknownst to David I signed us up for another almost-5k (not quite 3mi but I am fine with that). My goal is to continue having accountability. If we sign up for a race we will have to train and therefore run. Okay, he won’t have to train. That man just shows up and out paces me.

The reason he lives is he doesn’t lord it over me. Instead he has been really good at not letting me slow to a walk. The fact that he left the race course to hose down at a friends house and then sprinted to join me, then ran past me to talk to another friend has nothing to do with my envy.

The race was much easier without pushing Boo. She and Allie hung with Grammie while we ran. I think they had more fun. You see there is a peacock that has overtaken my MIL’s neighborhood. And “Petey” has taken roost in her front yard. In the mind of only a grandmother, she brought the girls outside to see it. I am not talking about from afar either…

I’m glad I was at the race. I’m beyond ecstatic that that Boo didn’t escape with the bird. And overjoyed that the bird didn’t eat them. Are peacocks carnivores?

After the hot and sweaty race we picked up the girls and my MIL (leaving “Petey” at home) to attend the town parade. Boo did really well, waving and saying hello to all the floats. As long as the antique cars didn’t honk their horns she was happy until….

The muster. Every year our town’s fire fighters put on a muster for the kids. They fill the school field with foam and allow them to slip and slide all over the place. The kids have an absolute blast. To show you “the foam” that the families look forward to…


 The kids line up to be under the foam cup.

Allie showing that she is her daddy’s daughter in the thick of things!

It doesn’t matter how old you are from toddlers to teens to seniors…everyone enters the foam.

 To every parent’s joy the firefighters also set up a wash off station.

But these photos are from last year. Because this year, Boo was terrified of the foam. She refused to leave my arms. She was wrapped tighter than a boa constrictor. Last year:

This year?  In truth, I was saddened by this slight regression. That we have no photos, that she didn’t enjoy herself. That Allie can’t play with her little sister as the other kids were enjoying the day. Yet once the foam was gone and the hoses were put away, Boo was the happy little girl who loves to give hugs. Of course, the teens had to dry off first. But they were all so patient with her, chasing her around the now clean field.

When I think of all the strides Boo has made in the past year, the fact that I have no photos of this year’s foam is bearable. This Independence Day Boo is still growing. Yes, there are regressions. Especially being out of school.

Yet Boo still amazes us. She is now independent in taking her shoes off. She can unzip her lunchbox. She can drink from a cup and can find Austin & Allie on her IPAD. Boo is engaged in her life.  Once the field was back in her comfort level, Boo was interactive with the children.  She tried to climb on the fire truck. Boo was there in the moment. 

We might struggle finding out why she is frustrated or what she is feeling or why she shuts down. But in two cases we know this for sure Boo has clearly told us what she doesn’t like. Snow and Foam.

3 thoughts on “A wrap up of the 4th

  1. Kristi Campbell

    Ah Kerri,
    Bummer about the foam. I so understand the disappointment of regression and our little people's fear. It always confounds me when Tucker decides that he no longer likes something that used to be fun. And it makes me sad. But, like you said, we're pretty lucky overall – they ARE making progress. Congratulations to you signing up for another run! That's amazing and inspiring. Makes me think I should do the same (although I am totally not above blowing it off on the very morning it's taking place to sleep in longer…sigh…). Happy Fourth of July weekend, dear friend. Hugs to you and yours. And cake. And wine.


  2. icansaymama

    Your fourth of July sounds like loads of fun – apart from the thing about Boo's regression 😦 I am so sorry that she could not enjoy herself. And that it made you sad which I totally understand. However, you name so many things that she can do now which are awesome! Just always keep that in mind.

    Sometimes I wonder if it is really regression or if their brains just process things differently (maybe simply because they got older) which is why they do not enjoy something anymore they used to love. I wish I could just spend some time in Sunny's head to see what he sees and how he processes the world around him. I would love to understand him better.

    Maybe she will love it again next year! Hugs, my dear!! xoxo



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