Girl you make me smile

I like smiling. There are some things though, that just make my day. The top 10 things that make me smile:

1. Boo’s belly laugh.

2. Allie’s sarcasm. Especially when she says she is being sarcasm.

3. Big bang theory

4. Finishing the run

5. Driving in the Jeep, listening to Jimmy Buffett

6. Kristi’s pictures, especially when she writes about the perils of Botox

7. That even when it is 900 degrees outside Bailey is a willing pillow.

8. That Boo started her summer program today. Yes, her teachers and aides deserved a vacation. However I did quite the happy dance as I walked out of the school today!

9. Allie had a sleepover with her favorite pseudo-grandmother this weekend. She had a great time being a spoiled only child for 24 hours.

10. Knowing tonight will be a quiet night at home, with the girls back on their schedule after a long, very long weekend!

What about you, what makes you smile? Join me over at the Listicles. It was supposed to be the top 10 words that make me smile, but I like to bend the rules now and again. On the upside, I did the correct topic.

Okay, honestly I did start next week’s topic before I realized my error!

Happy Monday everyone.

15 thoughts on “Girl you make me smile

  1. Anonymous

    Bailey has the special gene/sense knowing when Boo needs him. He will put everything aside for her, so she can have that secure feeling. Bailey is a very special dog and will do anything for Boo. You are all blessed.
    Sherry (SIL)


  2. Kristi Campbell

    My love. Not sure where to start. I suppose with me because thank you so much for the shout-out. I need to spend more time drawing stupid-looking pictures. Damn IRL work. Ok now that I'm done with the moi moment. OMG I am SO jealous that Boo loves the Jeep! As you know, I used to have one. When Tucker was born, I had a convertible (car, not jeep but still) and he HATED it. Hated the wind on his face. I traded it in early (lease). So hey, I love that you are able to drive around with little Boo and blast Jimmy Buffet. (by the way, do you know “Who's the Blonde Stranger?” Love that song. so funny).
    And HM. Shocking that Allie is sarcastic. Must be a skipped gene or something.
    OMG to the belly laugh. It's my number one in this house, too. Sometimes I forget how healing it is. Thanks for an awesome list. Tucker and Boo can laugh about this when they're engaged and we're gray-haired, carrying our wine.


  3. Sylvia

    Great list! Belly laughs always make me smile too, because they are so rare and precious! I also love that Allie has a special someone to spend some special time with! Also- I must have never scrolled all the way to the bottom before because this is the first time I've noticed the beautiful family portrait! You guys are picture Perfect!



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