You don’t know me…

You don’t know me. You know pieces of my life through this blog. You learn about Boo, laugh with me at Allie-isms. You get a glimpse of life with a child who is special in more ways than one.

But if we passed on the street we might not recognize one another.

One of the hidden treasures of this blog is that I have “met people” from around the world. From Australia to Germany. From Arizona to Alaska. Right here in Massachusetts and close by in Virginia.

Some with children, some who hope every month to become a parent. Others who have that typical child who is frustrates, loves and makes you wonder at what they are dreaming about. The others, like me, who have a different journey. Moms that worry every day if their child will have a seizure. A mom who just had the rug taken out from under her again.

The mom who has a son with CP who surfed for the first time this year. Those of us who have one typical child  and one not so typical. (gosh, I am beginning to hate the word typical)

And I consider you all friends. Those with children, those without and everyone in between. Through our triumphs and struggles we share the joy of a first word and the tears of a rough night.

The best part of my day is when I get a private e-mail from one of you. Just to let me know you are there.

We read one another’s stories and feel a connection. At least I do. A connection that makes me think, if I could have a dinner party with you we would have the best night.

I know just who will bring the wine (or for some of you the spring water), who will bring the dessert and who will make us laugh until we pee.

So cheers, my blogging friends. I thank you for being a part of our journey and thank you for sharing your own.

16 thoughts on “You don’t know me…

  1. icansaymama

    Awww this could have been written by me! I love private e-mails too and I am so happy that we met!

    I love how this big world becomes a small dot on my computer screen and how curious I am to learn what is going on in your life! And yeah, that connection is here and I feel it, too! I love to laugh with you and be sad with you, trying to send you good thoughts and soothing words until you feel better again.



  2. Dana Hemelt

    Cheers to you to my friend! I feel the connection as well. It's hard to explain to my “in person” friends and family, but I know other bloggers totally get it. I love sharing your journey through your blog and hope one day we can share that glass of wine (actually I will bring chocolate or vodka)!


  3. Considerer

    I can only echo Dana to say that yes, only bloggers really 'get' this thing we have here – this community across the world of people who share part of themselves and truly care for one another.

    I rarely get private emails though. Sometimes from one of my very good bloggy friends when I've written something particularly poignant. But no, just comment box sugar all the way on Considerings 😀


  4. Julie Sparks

    🙂 You know I'm in complete agreement on this. It drives me crazy when someone says “well they aren't 'real' friends!” Huh? I think we've been there for each other more than my 'real' friends some days! You rock!!


  5. Kristi Campbell

    Aw Kerri,
    I so adore you. You know, you're right that IRL friends don't get how close we can become. But also? I think that part of the reason that I consider you and my other bloggie besties truly closer friends is that you accept my life, and my son, in a way that I don't really have in real life. I do have one mom that I'm growing close to who has a son in Tucker's class. But the thing about blogging is that there's less to lose when it comes to being “out there.” It's like in blogging, we can share our stupid love of crap music, our worries, our triumphs and our pasts in a way that's not possible when forging a friendship here and now.
    I hope so very much that we will one of these days, make each other snort wine from our noses, make our husbands roll their eyes at us and watch our kids play together. So. Much.

    My IRL friends in many ways have been disappointing when it comes to getting Tucker. You, Joy, Tatum, Kerry, Julie, Ellen, Jillsmo, Sylivia, Kate, Dana, and two dozen more…are the ones who get it.

    So thank you, friend. Thank you.


  6. Big brother, Little sister.

    Kerri, I love learning all about your family and one day when I roadtrip across the States I am dropping by! Ill bring the spring water but maybe drink a beer after being in a car with my typical and not so typical kids! Thankyou for writing which always makes me smile and more often laugh


  7. RACHEL TaoOfPoop

    This post is amazing, just like you….and Boo. I am proud to “know” you, even though I don't “know” you. I hope this doesn't sound stalkerish, but I really do hope we meet one day. You have a generous, wise, kind and honest soul.


  8. Tatum

    Oh, but I want to know you…IRL. I love this post. I haven't yet figured out what the very best part of blogging is for me, but the community is definitely up there. Whenever the party happens (I hope it involves cabanas) I hope you already know, I'll bring the wine…or the vodka…oh, let's be real, I'll bring both.



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