The week in Thanks

It’s time to join Joy, Kristi and Lizzie to reflect on the week that was, well great when you think about it.

10. Allie has been away all week with a friend, so I got to experience being able to just focus on Boo.

9. Boo’s school had a car wash for Zach this weekend. About 20 6-8th graders were there washing cars to raise money for this little boy. Zach is now half-way to his goal.

8. No one complained about the state of their car after the kids “washed” it.

That’s Boo “helping” her friends

7. I won two blogging awards / recognition from two great fellow bloggers. I promise to respond soon!

6. With David working a lot of overtime and Allie at our friends house, the house has stayed clean this week. Leaving very little laundry or housework to do this weekend.

5. Boo has moved from her Austin and Allie obsession to Phineas & Ferb

4. I discovered Bacardi’s pre-mixed Mojito’s. YUM

3.  Boo slept until 9am this morning.

2. I was asked to do my first guest blog

1. That as much as I miss Allie this week, I know she is having the time of her life. So I am thankful twice to our friend!

What are you thankful for this week?

Ten Things of Thankful

13 thoughts on “The week in Thanks

  1. Yvonne

    I'm popping over from the TTofT blog hop.
    That car wash sounds like it was a lot of fun – and great that the kids get to raise money for their friend.

    Your number 6 would definitely please me too – we seem to endlessly be doing laundry!

    Congrats on your blogging awards.


  2. Mrs. Always Random

    Sounds like a great week! And it's always so nice to be able to focus on one child at a time, like you could focus on sweet Boo. What a blessing. That one thing alone makes the week sound great! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Considerer

    What a gorgeous week. Less housework is always a bonus.

    Congrats on the lots of awards 🙂 The guest post is very exciting too – looking forward to that one.

    Glad Allie's having a lovely time, but I expect you'll be pleased to have her back 🙂

    And well done Boo for the car-wash. What a great way to get involved and raise money for a worthy cause.

    Thanks for sharing these with us 😀


  4. clark

    cool on the blog awards…way exciting on the guest blog writing gig!

    love the idea of car washes, specially at this time of year, when it is so warm there is no discomfit from standing around with randomly aimed water hoses (my last recollection of a car wash, lol)

    this weekend blog hop is very cool, mostly 'cause on a crazy week-into-weekend, I can get in to visit and leave Comments (and forget where I wrote them) even if it is 10:00pm Sunday


  5. Lisa Nolan

    I especially like that Boo slept in until 9 a.m.! What's that like! And what a great link up, 10 things to be thankful for! I used to keep a gratitude journal and write in it each night when I went to bed, then it became a mental journal. But I like that you are blogging about your thankfulness!


  6. icansaymama

    Lovely list and what a great week you had!

    I love how Boo helped washing the cars! <3 So great that Zach is half-way to his goal now!

    Even if the hubs is on a business trip our house is still messy somehow. I envy yor for only few chores to do this week! 😉

    And I totally get that you are happy for 1:1 time with Boo, missing Allie and being happy for her having loads of fun at the same time! xoxo


  7. Kristi Campbell

    Love seeing Boo help to wash the cars! So awesome and really cool that Zach is reaching his goal. You rock, my friend. Cheers to sleeping until 9am (wish I could have done that this morning actually). And hey! What was your Our Land post! That was a guest blog, wasn't it?? Sortof?
    Happy Monday, you. XO


  8. Dana Hemelt

    Premixed mojitos? Yum! I was going to make some this weekend until I found out I needed 10 limes. A premix bottle would be much easier (and much more realistic for me). Have a great week, Kerri!


  9. in the coop

    Nothing like some extended one-on-one time with a child. Time to treasure, for sure.

    I love seeing Boo hop in and wash those cars with the big kids! And glad the wash helped Zack get ever closer to his goal.

    Yummmm to the mojito!

    Congrats on the awards and guest blogs!



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