I close my eyes…

Why do we close our eyes when we wish? (another question for the Almighty or Google or hey Lizzie)

The problem with wishes, really is that we always want more. We are never satisfied with the one wish. Ask Allie to use three wishes and first wish is for a thousand more. Kind of like life. I am never satisfied with what I have. Instead I always want more.

I have a great job. But I wanted a college degree to feel complete. Why? I still have the same job I had before the degree. Sure, with more responsibility but really I would have gotten the extra work without the degree. More importantly, without the debt!

We had a nice house. But we wanted more, so we bought land and built our dream house. Once the house was built, that should be it. Right? But just 10 years later we think of all the things we should have done or would have changes.

We have cars that drive us to where we need to be. But we are always on the look out for the next car, who will replace theirs first? (um, me please since mine is the oldest!) Instead of just having a car that can take us from point A to point B we need one with a GPS (because we are too good to read a map), a stereo, DVD player and let’s not forget the heated seats so our precious rear ends don’t get a chill. A point of honesty, my car has none of those things–other than the stereo but guess what? My next car probably will!

We just upgraded our phones to the IPHONE. Why? Our old phones still worked we could talk and text. But we wanted more than that. Okay, I did. David could care less about staying connected. He uses his IPHONE for the weather and fire stuff. Me? I play words with friends.

I have two great girls, but I always want more for them. I want to be a better mom, the one they deserve. Oh, and  I want Boo not have to have so much therapy and to no throw her shoes out the car window.

Yes, she did it AGAIN!!! Yesterday she managed to throw the shoe out the front passenger window from the back seat.  David actually went back and found it.

I have a good marriage, but I want it to be great. I don’t want to have to work so hard at being a wife. I look at other marriages that seem so in sync that seem so effortless. Probably not from their point of view. But I want that easy relationship we had before children and mortgages and car payments.

I live in a great Country. But I want more for it. I want us to live up to the Constitution and what the vision of the Founding Fathers had in mind. That we are all equal and deserve to keep for what we work. That those who defend our country deserve more respect and attention than those who are on television.

As you see, I have a lot of wishes. But if I could only have one wish I would close my eyes and wish to be content with where I am in life.


  What would you wish for and no you cannot say more wishes!


24 thoughts on “I close my eyes…

  1. icansaymama

    Wow, this is really beautiful and touching.

    I guess it is human to strive for more, this is what brought us to where we are today. But just to be content with what we have and what we are given is something we should always be striving for, too (and, somehow it is a shame that we have to strive for it and that it does not come to our minds naturally. But I guess that contradicts my first sentence?).


  2. Dana Hemelt

    I got goosebumps reading this – I love the approach you took for this theme. Is it human nature to always want more, or is the American way? I try really hard to be content with what I have, which is really so much. I would wish the world for my children – but don't all mothers do that?


  3. OhBoyMom

    It's interesting you wrote about this today because I just got off the phone with the “Make A Wish” foundation for my son…he has the opportunity to make a wish for either a dream trip/vacation, meeting a celebrity, a shopping experience, and so on….I can't wait to see what he picks. I've realized that wishes can be very important parts of our lives, especially during very challenging times.


  4. Maggie Amada

    Have you ever gone on a trip somewhere amazing and gotten lost in the way? I do that a lot. I end up finding interesting little shops, meeting people if I'm lucky. When that happens, I want to get to where I'm going but I'm also happy with where I am. In those moments, I am not only happy with where I am but also with where I'm going. That duality of state, that balance, is what I wish to achieve all the time.

    I think it's part of human nature to always want more. If we didn't, if we were always content then there would be no push to grow.


  5. Glory Thorpe

    I just got heated seats when I upgraded from a tiny car to a minivan. So far my thoughts on it are they just make your ass sweat. Especially in July. When your husband turns it on for no reason except to laugh when you say, “jeez, is it getting hot in here? My butt is… wait, what did you do??”

    And I so miss the easy relationship pre-responsibilities too. Every. Day. A girl can dream…

    Found you at Theme Thursday. I'll be back 🙂


  6. Considerer

    I'd say the closing the eyes was about focus. Possibly a little cultural heritage in there, too.

    The more important question by far is “Why do I wish this?”

    And then it becomes relative and much more like trying to nail smoke to a wall.

    Why do you wish for a degree when there are children who wish they could even go to school?

    Why wish for a 'dream house' when there are homeless people who just wish for somewhere warm and safe to sleep?

    Why wish for heated seats when there are aid workers desperate for more vehicles of any kind to take supplies to those in need?

    Why wish for your daughters to do better or need less support, when there are those who just wish for any kind of child?

    Why wish you didn't have to make an effort in your marriage when there are those who are cripplingly lonely?

    I'm not sure if it's the American Way so much as the Way of the West.

    We have so much 'stuff' and are so bullied by advertising that we forget how to do anything but consume. We forget how to count our blessings and see our own lives within any further perspective than 'what my neighbours have'. There's a lot of dodgy cultural heritage there.

    Maggie's absolutely right – we are programmed to want more, but our desires have been sidetracked by those who seek to make a fast buck. And we comply with their schemes by buying into it, blindly, without analysis or critical thinking.

    When we turn our inclinations into 'wants' and our 'wants' into 'needs', we turn our minds and hearts away from our brothers and sisters in dire need across the world.

    We are told to focus the desires of our heart on building up treasures in Heaven, but I bet our bank statements are a much more accurate reflection of where our hearts are.

    I don't want this to come across as a riposte to you, or a snub, because I think you're fab. But I do want to make you think about this one (secretly, I think you probably do already).


  7. Kathy Radigan

    This is always a great message for me to read. And for me it is all about loving where I am right now, that doesn't mean being stagnant but grateful, grateful that I have a house, a great husband, three children. When I focus on what I have and what I'm grateful for I always, always feel better. Thank you for reminding me about this!


  8. Kristi Campbell

    I'm trying to reply in a smart way – I just typed a ton and deleted it and pasted it to Word. I have a nasty cold/sinus thing (green snot and bloody nose and ears and bleh – aren't you glad I shared) and don't want to mess this up so I will retry tomorrow…when I am not as dumb.. BUt I love this and I love you.


  9. Running Mama

    This was a truly beautiful post. At bible study last night I found myself thinking why is it people think God blessing them means more, more, MORE. I try so hard not to fall into this trap. I'm so lucky, I really truly am, and I can't fathom that someone that's homeless just doesn't have enough faith. Any way sorry this is a heavy comment, your post was just truly honest and beautiful.


  10. Rich Rumple

    I would wish for an end to selfishness and greed, a life that was promised when I was young, and that all men and women truly had compassion for each other. If all of that took place, how could I not be a happy camper? Unless, of course, that asteroid heading towards the Earth at breaking speed hits us in the next 5 hours. Oh, you hadn't heard? lol Good Post!


  11. The Next Step

    Sometimes the seat heaters aren't an option – you just get them with the car you pick. My husband insisted on a sun roof in the Honda Pilot we bought in 2006 (even though *I* am the one who drives it all the time and I hate the sun roof) and it came with the package that included leather seats (which I also hate), the 6-disc radio (which my 3yo put coins into and destroyed), and the seat heaters – which I am forced to use in the winter because those leather seats I hate are like sitting on a block of ice.
    Now he thinks we need a minivan.

    I am trying so hard to instill in my kids (and my husband) the sense of being happy with what you have instead of complaining about what you *don't* have. I'll let you know if I finally break through.


  12. Kristi Campbell

    Ok here is me being less dumb than last night. First, I think that ultimately, you are content with your life. Of course there are things that could be better. Navigation in a car is huge and I love having it. It saves me time and frustration and from feeling anxious about being lost. Those are good things.

    I think it's human nature to want more and it's mom nature to want the best for our children. The fact that we can walk around our homes and notice things that we don't like, or would do differently given the chance does not make us not empathetic towards others. Yes, there are people who are suffering without. We should all do more to help and we should be more thankful for what we have. However, we all live our own realities and there's nothing wrong with wanting life, as we know it, to be more convenient, smoother, or prettier. Nothing.

    This is a really powerful post in so many ways, friend. On one hand, I feel like defending the desire for wanting to make things better. There's something satisfying in improving our homes and our lives. On the other hand, this makes me feel like I need to do more to help – volunteer, donate, be more active in the rest of the world.

    Maybe I'm not less dumb than last night but I feel like you know what I mean. I hope so. I know that we are thankful for what we have. I also know that when I go out to my small yard, that I wish I'd purchased a different home. Would it be wrong to spend money to improve my yard when other people don't have one? I honestly don't know.


  13. Ceil

    Hi Kerri! I know what you mean about wanting more. I don't have a smartphone, but I did just buy a tablet…not too sure why. It was a definite want, not a need.

    If I had one wish, it's got to be peace. The news is filled with people hating each other, governments being toppled, people hating themselves. Yikes! Peace would then allow justice.

    Have a blessed weekend!


  14. Kerri Ames

    Exactly, we want the world for our children. But each year that seems more and more. And just think, I might have money for ALlie's college if I stop giving her 'things'



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