Relax and give thanks

It’s that time of the week. To take a moment and think of just 10 things I am thankful happened this week. In no particular order, although I wish I was in a Particular Harbor….

10. There are only 10 days left before the girls go back to school. They just may make it.

9. Going off the grid for a week.

8. Campfires and the friends that sit by them. Until 2am.

7. Boo fell in love with the movie Grease. Her IPAD being the only technology allowed while camping.

6. That Boo doesn’t understand the storyline, lyrics or innuendos in Grease.

5. Floating down the river with Boo, Allie, David and David’s sister. I just really wish Boo hadn’t sent my Margarita into the river. Next year she floats with Sherry.

4. That there are no photos of me falling into the river when Boo and I got stuck on the rocks.

3. That we noticed one of the floats had a hole in it before we started down the river.
2. That Allie had the time of her life going from Campsite #1 to #18 playing with her friends.

1. That there are only 12 more months before we once again go off the grid with 30+ of our closest friends.

Ten Things of Thankful

10 thoughts on “Relax and give thanks

  1. Janine Huldie

    I love that Boo fell in love with Grease. Our niece when she was little loved that movie so much that when she saw John Travolta in any other movie would call him, “Grease” thinking that was his name, lol!!


  2. Anonymous

    I will take Boo next year, let us know when to make the reservations….. The floating down the river was the best!!!!


  3. in the coop

    Oh, I loved that movie when I was a kid. The thought of me singing all those inappropriate songs at the top of my lungs cracks me up. The movie has a very different meaning as an adult, that's for sure.

    I so miss rafting. We used to do it all the time as teenagers. So much fun. I never thought of going with little kids, but now that I hear you've done it, I need to find the closest place to raft!


  4. Considerer

    That really sounds gorgeous. And is it ok that I'm a little disappointed there are no photos of you falling into the river?

    So glad you had an amazing time. Welcome back 🙂


  5. Josie Two Shoes

    I love the whole sound of this camping adventure, and what great memories it will give you to remember for years. Everyone should practice “going off the grid” now and then, to rediscover that there is more to life than our gadgets, gizmos, and cyberspace connections… AND it makes for great blog stories when you return! :-))


  6. Dyanne @ I Want Backsies

    I'm with Lizzi. Really wish there were pictures of you falling in the river.

    Is it bad that I find it a little funny when a small child sings a completely inappropriate song without having any idea what it means? What is it the chicks do for greased lightning, hmmm?


  7. clark

    This seems to be 'survived' the relaxing vacation week at the TToT!
    sounds like… fun?

    Have not tried an 'off grid' since…well since ever. But I would imagine with friends and family it must have been a time of re-charging the batteries… so to speak (being an 'off grid' thing, that might not be the most appropriate expression to use).

    why am I not having trouble with the visuals of little Christine and Dyanne belting these out in camp…

    “..make them think they stand a chance
    and then refuse to see it through”



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