I’m baaaaaccckkkkkk

We took a week away from the world. A week where we hung with friends, floated in the river, drank margaritas at noon and wine at dinner. A week where Allie ran from campsite to campsite visiting all her friends. A week where Boo broke into a newly engaged couple’s tent and made their air mattress and tent into her personal bounce house.

A week without TV, Internet, Cell Service. (Saving grace, we had power and running water)

I really wasn’t myself when I came home. See I enjoy all the comforts of home. I am addicted to reading my friends blogs and writing my own. I check my e-mail and texts constantly. I am constantly thinking of things I should be doing at work and at home.

But last week I wasn’t myself. I was away from all that worry and hurry. I was a mom hanging with her kids during the day and a wife hanging with her husband by the campfire at night. I laughed with friends, slept past 6AM and sat down for more than a minute.

I was the me I wish I could be more often.

Then we came back. The first thing I did while driving back into the real world was turn on my phone and review all the e-mails that procreated like bunnies while the phone was off.

We pulled into the driveway and I immediately started cleaning, organizing, doing laundry and getting ready for work the next day. At work I realized that I am not irreplaceable but that I still had 200+ e-mails to return.

It took just 20 minutes to undo the relaxation of being away from technology for a week. To start prioritizing things over my girls. These things are important, too. After all the mortgage kind of depends on them. Boo needs her therapies. Allie needs the routine.

I am the planner, the budgeter, the organizer, the over thinker. Once in a while, though, I wish I wasn’t myself.

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14 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaccckkkkkk

  1. Janine Huldie

    Kerri, we went away last summer to a beach house shared with my husband's family. I remember that feeling of being away and not totally being myself. Oh how relaxing it was, but like you as soon as I came home I had to enter reality with cleaning and dealing with e-mails. So true and seriously recall it like it was yesterday. But you are right sometimes I do wish I was less like myself for even a day and more like that again. glad you had a wonderful time and am happy to have you back though 🙂


  2. Anonymous

    Kerri, glad your enjoyed yourself, Boo did have some theraphy on the play ground, i could not believe how fast she climbed that jungle gym and just hung, if i was only taller to be able to guide her with out Allie's help. Paul loved the Boo tour of the grocery store.
    Sherry (SIL)


  3. Becca

    I'm jealous. Not only would it be difficult for me to unplug fully (although I could easily do without the TV), my husband would be MISERABLE. Sounds divine!


  4. RACHEL TaoOfPoop

    OMG, Kerri! This was ME today. I was cleaning the house, doing the laundry and a friend of mine called and asked if Claire and I wanted to go to The Intrepid with them. We had SO much fun. I turned off the phone, left the laundry in a pile. I can completely relate to this, and we didn't even really leave home. I can only imagine how great it must have been to really go somewhere! Love your post!


  5. Chris Coyle

    Glad you got to enjoy a break for a while there and that Boo got to play in a bouncy house on her vacay. 😉 Isn't it awful when you first get back?! I was just talking about that the other day. I'm so lame, I used to come home a day early so I would have that one day to myself to decompress (especially if the trip involved a flight) … and I'd sneak into the office after hours to take stock of what transpired while I was gone and get a grip on where to jump in in the morning. How pathetic is that?! LOL


  6. Dana Hemelt

    I think we are the same person. That's why I love being with girlfriends – I feel like that's a time when I can not be the planner, organizer, over thinker. Welcome back Kerri!


  7. Kristi Campbell

    Welcome back, my friend. It sounds like you had an amazing time and I want to know whether the newly engaged couple was amused or annoyed that Boo broke into their tent (HA). I know what you mean about coming back and it only taking 20 minutes to undo the relaxation that we get from vacation. I felt that same way when we came home from the beach in July. Sigh. We should all strive to be the mes that we are on vacation more often.


  8. Cathy

    I am so glad you got to get away. It's always important for us to power down and live life the way it was meant to be lived. With our family and friends. Watching our children and spending quality time with them. I think we all need to follow you and do that more often. Including you! After all, you really deserve it.

    Marvelous post. Truly wonderful.



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