I should start this post by saying I love my mother-in-law. I truly do. However if she doesn’t start paying attention the rules I am sending her to the worse nursing home I can find.

Do you remember this?

Well she outdid herself this time. Allie has wanted a Baby Alive for (and I quote) her whole entire life. Mean mother that I am, I have banned Baby Alive from the house. After all I have two children, a dog and husband that I already have to feed, bathe and clean up after. Why on Earth would I import another one?

One that cries, eats and pees. Because just like the fish (now deceased), dog and baby sister Allie just had to have, I know who will end up having to take care of a Baby Alive.

Did I mention the child has 268 30 dolls in her room? Why can’t she just play with the ones she has I will never know. Plus Allie is 9. Exactly when do girls stop playing with baby dolls? I know the answer actually. She stopped playing with dolls a couple years ago. She just hasn’t stopped collecting them!

Back to my mother-in-law, whom I do adore. The other day she babysat Allie and when I went to pick her up guess what was in her arms?

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Now my mother-in-law loves a sale, a yard sale. She especially loves anything that is free. Apparently one of her friends bought 2 Baby Alives and got one free. As the doll was not in a box but in a gift bag without any accessories I have a feeling that this may not be the whole truth. Close to the truth, but not the whole truth.

What I do know is that “Lilly” is now residing in Allie’s room and began crying in the middle of the night.

Guess who slept through her baby’s cries? If you guessed everyone but me you get a gold star.

For now my mother-in-law is safe, in her own home. Soon however she may need respite care. If she doesn’t start following the rules it might be more spite than respite.

15 thoughts on “

  1. Considerer

    *giggling* Take its batteries out. Or I could send over Syphylissa to beat it up (hey, at least your doll doesn't steal your booze and provide slutty online videos of herself…)


  2. Anonymous

    oh Kerri I am laughing so hard, glad I had the boys, thinks she needs a sleep over this weekend at Grammies with her doll.
    SIL Sherry


  3. Julie Sparks

    lol I love this entry!! Especially the last line which did have me literally laughing out loud. You also made me thankful once again that I have boys and I so needed that this morning. Can you at least put Baby Alive at the other end of the house for night time?


  4. Janine Huldie

    I couldn't help, but laugh out loud and totally felt your pain, because this is so something my mother-in-law would do, too. Hell, she gave Emma play dough for her birthday. That play dough is now on a high shelf in my garage where no little person can reach. And now I am just thanking god it can't cry out loud or rat me out!!


  5. Dana Hemelt

    Creepy doll needs to go right in the donation bag. Let some other poor mom deal with her crying. I hid a doll my mother-in-law got my daughter for years until I finally tossed it- sshhhh!


  6. Camille

    LOL! Gotta love gifts from the grandparents. I always find myself thinking, don't you even remember having kids????? My mom got our kids a giant ball that is nearly to the ceiling, that they can climb in. Hello, I have a 1 bedroom house, where am I gonna put that??


  7. Kristi Campbell

    OMG that's hilarious that the baby alive started crying in the middle of the night! ha! maybe Baby Alive needs to run away from home, get pregnant and move in with her boyfriend. You could just leave a note behind for Allie.



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