Time flies

Like sands from the hour glass, so are the days of our lives…

Today Allie is in fourth grade. FOURTH. It is kind of surreal. This is the first year I’ve ever had that “uh-oh” moment. I know, the rest of the real moms out there cried at kindergarten and first grade. Heck you probably cried the first time you put the baby in daycare.

Me? Not so much. Kindergarten was easy because Allie had transitioned from her daycare to preschool to kindergarten all within the same building.

Look, my little girl first day of Kindergarten with no hair!

First grade I was a little nervous. It was the first time I put Allie on the bus without knowing her teachers, friends and who the parents were. But Allie was so excited, she didn’t even wave to me as she got on the bus.

(there would be a photo here if the child had noticed me as she got on the bus)

This year, for some reason, is different. I noticed the change about a week ago. Allie asked if her skin looked clearer. Ummmmm how does one answer that question? When I said yes (phew right answer) she told me she had washed her face.  The conversation went:

ME: You washed your face?
ME: Why?
ALLIE: Well, mom you know I’m going into fourth grade. Eventually I have to stop acting like a little girl.
ME: You couldn’t start with brushing your teeth?

Then four days ago the girl started wearing lip gloss. Lip gloss! And started doing her hair. And I mean using shampoo without being threatened and then putting in barrettes and hair bands in her hair.

Two days ago doing the last minute backpack book bag shopping she started thumbing through a teen magazine at the checkout stand.

FYI this is NOT my cart, just a display

The day before school started she organized her book bag (a messenger bag, goodbye Selena Gomez back-pack), got a mirror and brush for her locker, laid out her dress and boots with gems on them all without being asked.

Once I recovered from the shock I told her it was time to take her shower. She asked if she could get up early for school and shower. Then I can blow dry and curl her hair.

I wonder if my daughter has been a victim of the body snatchers. This is not my girl. Yesterday, the first day of school, Allie got up early. She showered herself and washed her hair, face and everywhere! We blew dry her hair, tried to get a curl into it and she got herself all dolled up with peach lip gloss. It was then I realized….

Holy crap I’ve got a tween.


10 thoughts on “Time flies

  1. in the coop

    I cry every year, really. My daughter did the same thing (minus the morning shower. She plays soccer and HAS to shower at night.) Mine is now old enough to set her alarm and curl her own hair. It's shocking, really.
    Good luck with all that is coming. Yes, the tween/teen years have some growing issues, but there are many fun things to look forward to.


  2. Janine Huldie

    Look at how beautiful she is though and I know though not ready for my girls to grow up either. I think I will be the first to admit this to you. So, I do feel your pain on this and trust me someday you will be reading my blog and I will most likely being sharing similar thoughts and feelings when my day comes.


  3. Dana Hemelt

    Yes you do, my friend! It may not be easy to parent Allie through the tween and teen years, but you will both survive and she will turn out as fabulous as her mommy (does she still call you Mommy? Mine does sometimes and I love it).


  4. Kristi Campbell

    OMG I can't believe you started this with the “Like sands from the hour glass, so are the days of our lives…” quote. In high school, I worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken. We used to call the drama (sex and relationships between co-workers) “As the Bucket Turns.” HA.
    ok sorry sidetracked.
    OMG Allie is SO GROWN UP. Yikes. We can only hope the lazy gene comes back after a few sleepy mornings spent at school right? Or wait? Would that be bad? I have no idea. And love that you had to clarify that the cart with all of the candy in it was not yours because I wouldn't have blinked an eye at it!


  5. Astrid

    Awww, your tween is getting cool. However, this reminds me of how I'v enever actually done all these htings. Maybe it's my lack of awareness of hygiene and stuff, but I nevr really knew about all these thignsuntil adulthood.

    (Here via Love that Max.)



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