I’m joining Lisa Jo Baker in writing, unedited, for five minutes about a simple prompt. Ready, set….


I saw Red this morning. Literally saw red all over Allie’s indecision on what to wear to school his morning. Remember I said I now I have a tween? Well I seem to have one who was overtired and couldn’t make up her mind. All over a sweater.

First she didn’t like how it felt. That wasn’t good enough for me. See, she just HAD TO HAVE this Selena Gomez designed shirt. In the store I made her feel it since she is the pickiest dresser ever created. Everything has to be just so, the right texture, color, etc… This morning she puts the sweater on and freaks because it is “too tight” and “feels funny”. Nope, you are wearing it I say. She starts complaining, I grab the sweater take it off her and threaten to give it to someone who deserves it.

Yes, I became a mad woman. A horrible mom, one who fell to a nine-year old’s level.

The shirt goes back on because now she wants to wear it. And this went on for 40 minutes. I do, I don’t, I don’t know. All the way to the bus stop.

She is crying. I have a stomach ache. We have upset Boo with our screaming match. We hear the bus and she looked at me and asked do I think her friends can tell she has been crying? I say no, give her a kiss and send her on the bus.

I sent my daughter, the one who makes me laugh minute by minute to school knowing I was upset with her. Instead of being Carole Brady I was a lunatic.

I saw red this morning and I am not proud of myself.


Five Minute Friday

12 thoughts on “Red

  1. Amy Krance-Wendt

    Oh, dear sweet Kerri! Those moments happen to all of us, and none of us are ever proud of those times. Thankfully we have the gift of forgiveness which we can offer ourselves, and ask for from others. We have our merciful, gracious God who sees and knows the pain we feel. Praying for a better day for you, and sweet moments of reconciliation! Thanks for posting and linking up today!


  2. WesAnna

    Oh Momma, we all have these mornings. I promise. Thank you for being brave and sharing it! One day you can tell the story and laugh about it. Thanks for sharing on FMF!


  3. Jessica Sweeney

    I am a mad woman a lot, too. It happens (especially when how you spend your hard-earned money is involved, as well as the stress of school mornings). I just feel bad, because I was that girl when I was her age. But don't worry, I got over it, and she will, too! Hope the rest of your day is wonderful!


  4. Christy Willard

    You are not the only one who has lost their cool. This morning it happened over hair brushing and style. Ack! I was seeing red this morning, too. It's so hard! She may have left knowing you were upset with her, but she also left knowing she is loved no matter what. You can heal things when she gets home.

    Christy @ A Heartening Life


  5. Patricia Storbeck

    I am a mad woman too, who isn't at some time or the other. And I know all about being mad at your daughter or not making time…now I never will.
    When your daughter comes home from school and take both of your beautiful girls for ice-cream and tell them you love them.
    (a FmF visiti)



    I was drawn to your site by the name of it. I found you on Lisa Jo Baker's blog. We have a diagnosis for our little girl. It does not make life easier 😉 Anyway, thanks for writing this, I'll be checking out your other stories too on your little Boo!


  7. Rachel

    I had a morning like this too. In our case, it was an over-tired six-year-old who ran out of time to brush her teeth and freaked right out. At which point I freaked out right back at her and so it continued all the way to the bus. I wasn't impressed with me either, but I'm hoping those last minute kisses go a long way. Good for you for being brave and writing it out here! Popping over from FMF


  8. Michelle

    Oh my gosh I have had mornings like that with Kayla! Mostly it's because she's fooling around and taking too long to get ready and I'm trying to rush her. Then I feel bad that I've sent her off to school in a bad mood and worry how it's going to affect the rest of her morning. Hugs, you're not the only mom who has done that!


  9. Big brother, Little sister.

    Oh Kerri xxxx your tween is adorable but how annoying!!!!! 😉 I always use that ” ill give it to someone who will appreciate it ” line! Hope she is a little more carefree in her clothing decisions this week! Thank goodness we have school uniforms and no choice!


  10. Kristi Campbell

    I feel you my sistah. Tucker is on a kick where he only wants to wear one black monster truck t-shirt. Concerning in a million ways. It's dirty for 5 days/week. One. It's a freaking redneck tshirt that his 1/2 sister bought him. Two. I am mean. Ten.
    Ugh. Sorry 😦



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