Licensed to Chill

I had a hard time with this mix-tape. Probably why it took me until Thursday to actually make my DJ list. Let’s face it. I do not “chill”. I don’t know when the last time I just sat and relaxed. I am always worrying, moving, planning, plotting my next moment. Yeah I have issues.

So I have Jessica to thank, since she sparked my theme for the week. And then I thought….dumb ass of course IF you are going to relax and chill it would have to be with a Margarita and the master of Chill. Right?

Every time I hear this song, I think to myself I am going to find that Harbor dammit. I mean really find that Harbor and float.

I think of this song every year on my birthday. It makes me think, yes another year has gone by and it was quite awesome to have not only survived it but enjoyed it.

Alright, I admit a Volcano is not relaxing. Bear with me, it is kind of fun. Especially when he was live at Fenway and explained that it was best to land on Yawkey Way.

I always loved this song because I always wanted to shake the hand of a mango man. And I am never sure where it all ends my friends….

The last verse in this song brings it all home to me: Some of it’s tragic, some of it’s magic but I’ve had a good life all the same. Who cannot relax with that going through their mind? But if you still need a little something to help you relax, may I recommend:

Well, come on now, who cannot relax with a Margarita in her hand? And, yes I know that ending was kind of predicable. But not this ending, Jen. I followed the freaking rules for once 🙂

3 thoughts on “Licensed to Chill

  1. Jessica Sweeney

    Yeah, that's what I am talking about! I love the Buffett man. 🙂 Did you go see him at Fenway? I was there! Talk about amazing. I also saw him at Gillette. I was working (selling margaritas) but still had the best time. Also, not being able to chill? That's the story of my life, too! We're mamas, though… we have a lot to worry about! Hope you get to have a margarita soon. 🙂 And PS: you're welcome!


  2. Dana Hemelt

    You crack me up. Mix Tape Tuesday on Thursday. Love the Buffet mix – I've never seen him in concert but once when he was playing in town I saw all these people walking around with parrot heads and I had no idea what the heck was going on. Now I know!



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