I like surprising people

I have kind of a strange taste in music. Some would call it twisted. I tend to listen to anything, my Pandora includes the Eagles to CCR to John Tesh to Big & Rich. If some one asked I would probably say I gravitate to country and/or pop music. But once in a while I like to really confuse my family. And that’s when my mix-tape includes the RAP:

I just love when Eminem mixes his music with artists we thought would never ever ever be on stage with him. I like most of his songs, but the ones when he brings in other artists are my favorite.

Dating myself here, but I think this was the first rap song I ever knew. There was something so incredibly cool about these three women who not only entered the man-world of rap but freaking dominated it.

Eminem owes his career of radio hits to Run DMC. The first group that I know of who took Rap to the mainstream by taking on the Bad Boys of Boston. Run DMC set the standard of how to get your rap song on the mainstream music stations. Although Rich or Clark will probably tell me I am incorrect! Although Eminem did feature Aerosmith in Sing for the Moment.

Going back to my 80’s roots…

I think the Beastie Boys are probably the most underrated rappers out there. Of course, they probably shot themselves in the foot by being too mainstream making us fight for the right to party. Gratitude, though? I wish I could live by their words: “What’s gonna set you free. Look inside you and you’ll see”.

Well I warned you I like Country. And Jason is hot country who can rap.

14 thoughts on “I like surprising people

  1. Jessica Sweeney

    Oh, I love this list! Great songs. I am taking this week off (too much going on right now) but this totally would have been the route I would have gone. I would have just added DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, and maybe the “Humpty Dance!” lol PS: I love Jason Aldean!


  2. Janine Huldie

    See mine would be the opposite with country being more of a guilty pleasure. I have always loved rap from when I was younger and Salt N Pepa especially was one of my all time favorites!


  3. Kristi Campbell

    You have Jason Aldeen on your list too! We're blogging twins today 🙂 Well, sortof. Ok. Well. Anyway. I LOVE Eminem. For real love. I think Business and Cleaning Out My Closet are my favorite.


  4. JenKehl.com

    Why doesn't that surprise me? I think because I know why I like you, you can't be put into a box. Cause us momma's who make it like we do have to be flexible in EVERYTHING. It's how we're wired, it's why God gave us the kids he gave us. You rock and you rap. Awesome.


  5. clark

    very impressive eclec list! (a lot of people might have come up with Run DMC and Eminem)…but to add Dirt Road Anthem! exceptional

    I was totally surprised when I first heard the song that it was not a meg-hit! (hey! you got country in rap/ you got hip hop on my country!)

    lol very fine list


  6. Misty @ Meet The Cottons

    lol. i read this in my email, and was like…. what is she talking about? for whatever reason, in my email, the videos aren't visible and it was just a paragraph and i thought it was all about eminem! i think i may need another pepsi to get my day started!

    thanks for the little walk down memory lane this morning!



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