Leaves are tricky

I recently started running trails. It is safer than on the road. Less chance of getting run over. Less chance of old ladies tripping me on the sidewalk. The fall is so beautiful. Leaves are on the ground. Life is great.

I had a great run….

7 thoughts on “Leaves are tricky

  1. Kristi Campbell

    Ha! Awesome drawings, my fabulous and clumsy friend! Sorry you tripped on that black rock/log thing. Dogs have the unfair advantage of having four legs. So when they stumble on one foot, they still have a tripod of support. Totally unfair.

    hahahaaha (I'm totally laughing with you, not at you).


  2. Considerer

    I'd laugh at you falling down, but I'm a person who trips over the contour lines which cartographers leave lying around all over the place.

    Very cool drawings – I love your leaves 😀



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