It should tell a story

Some of the issues I have with today’s music (man did I just age myself) is that the art of storytelling seems to have gone completely out the window. Instead they want to bombard us with sound, light and magic.

Forgetting that the magic is in the words that spring your imagination.

Barenaked and proud of it, the guys told us the classic story of a relationship fight. When you both know your wrong but it will take a week to make you say your sorry.

Taylor Swift, who at just 23 reached the pinnacle of her career. Friends, I’m in my 40’s and still trying to find mine. She has her credits for sure, but storytelling? This is one young artist that knows the way to stay at the pinnacle is to reach your audience.

I’ve used him before and recently. But no one told a story like Harry. 

8 thoughts on “It should tell a story

  1. Kristi Campbell

    You and me, sistah. Dating ourselves. Outing that “music today, it's just not the same!” To that end, I just added Meatloaf's Dashboard light to mine…because that song tells a story!!
    I love that you used Harry again and you can never go wrong with Barenaked ladies. Oh and ha! to the relationship fight and taking a week to say you're sorry.



    OK can I just say that blogger changed the format of their comment box and for the second time today instead of posting a comment I logged out! And then the comment is gone pooof! Meanwhile I wanted to say that you really hit the nail on the head with the “today's music” thing. That's the story behind raised on the radio…. I think the songs you picked are perfect. I am wishing I picked You Belong With Me now, Taylor can tell a story if nothing else. Oh… Romeo and Juliet, We Are Never Getting Back Together…. hmmm…..


  3. clark

    I also enjoy watching the videos of Taylor Swift in concert, the way she manages to connect with her audience is amazing.
    that has got to be the underlying element in all of the songs this Tuesday, the songs that make the listen feel something…


  4. Misty @ Meet The Cottons

    i was going to leave this comment on Rich's blog, but something happened with my computer and i just gave up and closed out that window. so, you know what i hate about a great song w/ a great story, a story that makes you think you know what or who it's about? i hate when the video has nothing to do with the lyrics. just can not stand it. so much so that i rarely watch videos. i make an exception for taylor swift because patty lurves her music, but mostly i only tune in to watch the ones drowing in controversy. i know the point of the topic was songs with a story, but i just think it's equally important for the video to tell the stinking story! shew, i feel much better getting that out there. ;-}



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