I’m a having an epic fail

I am having a fail of epic proportions. Okay….that’s an exaggeration. But it’s bad enough I have completely thrown whatever New Year resolution I had thought of out the window. Holy crap, I threw the reservation out the window faster than Boo throws a shoe.

But Lent? Who cannot give up something for 40 freaking days? Who….me that’s who.

Every year I have given up something for 40 days, the Lenten fast. I have given up chocolate, Diet Coke, swearing, sweets and alcohol (and no I wasn’t even pregnant!). This year, not one freaking thing. 

Why? I have plenty of excuses:

I was going to give up Facebook. But then I “remembered” I’m the PTA person on Facebook. This blog is on Facebook. Most of my life is on Facebook.

I was going to give up Twitter. But then I realized I am barely on there anyway and am just learning the Tweet-ropes.

I was going to give up wine. Then I thought, who am I kidding? And what God puts St. Paddy’s day smack in the middle of Lent.

I was going to give up M&M’s. But really, how bad are M&M’s?

I was going to give up TV. Hello, Bruin season.

I was going to give up popcorn. But it’s what’s for dinner 4 out of 7 nights. (me, not the kids)

I was going to give up reality TV. Then the Real Housewives of NYC were finally back on.

I was going to give up spending non-essential money. But then a friend said let’s go to dinner.

In the end I realize what I should give up is rationalizing, excusing, the I’m sorry but my house is just a mess….

So that’s what I am doing. Yes, it is one week into Lent. But I am giving up. I am saying this is me:

Kerri. The girl who likes the Bruins, M&M’s, Facebook, Reality TV and wine. Especially on St. Paddy’s day. Who can expect you to abstain on the national drinking holiday.

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