I never understood

I never understood what the big deal was about milestones. Everyone has them, right? They are called milestones for a reason. Certain things are supposed to happen at a certain time. Abby? She was usually a week or month early on every milestone. Except talking. There she was slightly delayed. However when she began to talk, she talked in paragraphs. Even in her sleep. Sadly, I don’t remember any of them but when she walked, a week before her first birthday.

Boo’s milestones are completely different. I remember every one because they are different. I remember her first hospitalization. I remember the first time I had to make my own baby food because she was allergic to everything else. I remember her first steps on a walker.

I remember her first word, Abby. I remember every therapy appointment that gave Boo the tools she needed and the patience of her therapists. Then there are the crazier milestones. Take last couple of weeks. Boo had a lot of milestones this past month. 

For the first time I walked into a store with her. Usually she is carried or in a carriage. But I just had to run in for a gallon of milk. What could go wrong I wondered. Um….forgot about all the items at her height she could now knock off the shelves. For the first time we held hands, walked into a store and destroyed it. Plus we got the milk.

Boo went to the bathroom by herself.Well, she went into the bathroom and pulled down her pants. By the time I realized she was in there the poop was on the floor. However she went into the bathroom and pulled down her pants. And I cleaned the bathroom floor.

Boo fell in love with Frozen. She knows Elsa and can say her name. The entire house can recite verbatim every word in the movie.

Boo stole one of Abby’s stuffed rabbits. Renamed it Clover even though it bears no resemblance to the bunny in Sofia the First. Abby was okay with the renaming, not so much the stealing. Even though Abby hadn’t even remembered she had the rabbit. Score one for sibling rivalry milestone.

She said I ove you. Without prompting. I get to say it back.

I never understood what the big deal about milestones were, until Boo worked so hard to attain them.

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