Thanks Mom

Dear Mom,

It’s Mother’s Day. The day that only exists because you are my mom. Not to be too self-important but if it wasn’t for the children this would be just another Sunday. You would probably be doing yard work or groceries.
Who are we kidding? If you weren’t a mom you would probably be on the beach somewhere enjoying the spring weather and not worrying about the million things that come along with being a mom.

Because of me you will get to celebrate this Sunday. Why do you get a special day dedicated to just you? In short it’s due to your survival instincts. The added fact that you arranged your vacation to spend this day with us just proves how much of a mom you are.

So, on this 10 things of thankful, thanks for being my mom.

1. For letting me survive my toddler years. When I made myself throw up when you brought Scott home. For throwing Ryan in the air when you brought her home.

2. For making a home when there wasn’t one. For being homeless but never stop providing us a home.

3. For the dance parties with your friends. When you allowed us to stay up late and dance to Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow and back to the oldies Friday night.

4. For letting me fire the babysitter at age 12 and take care of the younger ones.

5. For letting me survive the teenage years. When I was depressed before depression existed. For letting me spend much needed time with Gigi, Jim and Gram to heal. For loving me when I didn’t love you.

6. For putting me in front of the Bruins when I wouldn’t sleep as an infant and raising a girl who knows what an off-side, an icing and an intolerance for the Habs.

7. For being my first call when I had Abby. 

8. For understanding when I said, please don’t come when I had Boo.

9. For not understanding what a Boo tantrum is, but for being there when it happens.

10. For being my mom. When it is good, when it is bad and when it is heartbreaking.

You, my mother, are my rock. My hero. My go-to person when life, marriage and motherhood gets too much. You get that Tia is my first call, but that you are my soft landing. I wouldn’t be half the mom I am without your support, guidance or experience.

You might not always understand. 

But you are always there.

And for that alone I am forever thankful.

Ten Things of Thankful

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