The lighter side of Hell

My friend Dana had a great post the other day. I told her I was stealing her idea. She gave me permission, so I am saying that I am not stealing her idea but rather participating in a finish that sentence kind of thing (another steal). There are supposedly seven layers of hell, right? Or is that just deadly sins.

Either way, my personal version of hell would include….
1. Going a day without an M&M.

2. Having to create a crap, I mean CRAFT, project with Abby.

3. Doing Every Day Math homework. Oh wait….

4. Sitting down to a lobstah dinner and not having an appetite.

5. Not having my village people. If only my village wore costumes, though. That would be kind of cool.

6. Living life without a sense of humor 

7. The Bruins being tied going into game 7 with the Habs (Canadians) and waiting praying for the win. Oh crap that’s tonight!

The Catholic in me thinks asking God to intervene in a sporting event is kind of sacrilege. However, the Big Bad Bruins fan in me is willing to take the risk. 

Tell me, what is your lighter side of hell?

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