Time Traveling

If I could go back in time…I wouldn’t. I just wouldn’t. First of all you could not pay me enough to relive my youth. Or my high school years. In fact I think my mom would pay YOU not to make her relive my high school years.
I would be afraid to go back in time. Life is confusing enough. I am by no means where I thought I would be on this day in September. Yet I am so happy to be here. Sure life, well, sometimes sucks. Sometimes I wish my life was easier. With a chauffeur, maid and private island.

But if I could go back to one moment in time, not to live my life over but to improve the lives of moms today then I would want to go back to that moment when some well-meaning person messed up life for the rest of us. For example:

When some idiot mom invented the Elf on the Shelf and then decided to tell other moms. I would a moment to explain to her exactly what torture she would be inflicting on the rest of us. 

I would also find the same fool that decided to make St. Paddy’s day not about the Irish drinking holiday but about building a freaking trap for a leprechaun. I would remind them that this is an adult holiday. The children get Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter. Leave one for us. We deserve it.

I would go back and find the person who thought it was a good idea to buy Abby a Snoopy Christmas piano that David now plays every freaking time my mom calls. 

I would figure out who invented Play-dough, Goop and Silly Putty. I would explain to them in the future my kid is going to smash it into my brand new wood floors. I would encourage them to think of something else to do with their time.

I want to know who thought sparkles were a good thing to put on a little girl’s outfit. Did they not realize in the wash the rest of the clothes would become covered?

I would go to Walt Disney and thank him for this moment:

When I saw joy and interest and a little overcome fear in Boo’s expression as she watched Frozen on Ice. When I saw her sit through the entire show, gasping and cheering and enjoying. When I saw other little girls dancing, singing and showing their joy and it didn’t hurt.

I would go back in time and thank the people who made this day possible: the doctors, the therapists, the family and the friends. 

Just don’t ever give the child Play-dough.

5 thoughts on “Time Traveling

  1. Kerith Stull

    Great list! There's a few moments in time I'd go back to and try to give my younger self some advice… not that I'd probably listen. The things of our past are what got us to where we are today. It's difficult to imagine life without those moments.


  2. Julie

    Love this post, and how it makes you think of all the little things the make our lives so fun… play dough.. URGH! LOL
    So happy that Boo got that special experience at Disney on Ice, precious!


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