TBT This Holiday Season

Today’s Throwback Post was originally posted on 13-DEC-2013 and I should probably remember my goals from last year.

This holiday season I will not be Clark Griswold. Seriously I have issues people. I want everything to be freaking perfect. I want the house decorated, the cookies made, the gifts wrapped and well bought.

I want peace, love and freaking harmony.

I want my Christmas cards done and mailed. Yes, I have done cards in the past and found them in the trunk in February.

I do not want to be in three months of debt for five minutes of present unwrapping.

So far I am having a pretty good start to the season.

My brother and I have donated to a charity rather than buying one another gifts.

I have ordered and addressed Christmas cards. I may mail them.

David is working overtime so I may keep that debt down.

Boo still hates Santa so I can say that she is on the naughty list and that’s why she doesn’t have anything to open (okay, not really).

The Christmas tree was only up a week this year before we got around to putting the ornaments on. The angel is still sitting next to it.

So this holiday season I will remember that Clark had a great vision: wanting to give his family the “Hap-hap-happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny (freaking) Kaye”.

And I am okay with that!

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2 thoughts on “TBT This Holiday Season

  1. Autism Mom

    Because we are living the puppy life right now, our tree was up for a week un-decorated this year, too. I kinda liked it… 😉


  2. tamaralikecamera

    My goal for 2014 was to stop using credit cards and to eliminate debt. I did it by April but boy was this Christmas season weird. Luckily people all want holiday photos before Christmas or it would have been a big bust of a holiday for me!



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