This moment

This moment was one I was afraid to hope.


It has been a few years since Bridget has scared us this badly. The week before Christmas Bridget was hospitalized for a gastrointestinal infection. Abby gets a GI bug and she is out for 24 hours. Bridget gets an illness and this happens.


We spent Friday in the emergency room getting Bridget as Bridget was so dehydrated. We were sent home, because in my over confidence I said “oh I can handle a GI bug”. Two years ago I would have not allowed them to discharge her. I would have raised holy hell to make sure they kept her over night.

I was too proud and too “smart”. I drove home so freaking proud that I didn’t panic, that I can handle a GI bug, that now that she had been hydrated Bridget would be fine. After all her vomiting had stopped (thank you ZOFRAN), her color was improved and the sparkle was back in her eye. When asked if I was okay with Bridget being discharged, I said “of course”.

Until two hours later when the diarrhea started. Every 20 minutes throughout the night. Back to the ER we traveled. This time I packed a bag.


Within 15 minutes of being at the ER, Bridget had a new IV and medication was started. Her labs had tanked since the 24 hours prior. I was scared. The Doctor was scared. Bridget was admitted to the hospital for acute dehydration and severe gastrointestinal illness.


The next four days are a blur. I know we didn’t shower. I think I ate something other than an M&M. I sat by my child’s side and offered my soul for her comfort. I gave thanks for the nursing staff who did everything in their power to alleviate her suffering.


Day three, Bridget perked up but refused to eat or drink anything.


Her “magic” water that helped her get better

But then in the afternoon she began vomiting and we were scared again. That night Bridget’s IV failed. They were unable to establish the IV anywhere. The nurse refused to “torture” her anymore. It was decided to see how Bridget did overnight. To hope that without the IV she would start to drink on her own.

She slept 12 hours. She did not wake for vital signs or re-positioning. When she awoke she was the Bridget with a sparkle in her eye. A tired and worn out Bridget. But our Bridget was fighting her way back.


First day out of bed

I wrote the following on my Facebook page:

“I’m sitting in the hospital with Bridget and I was stressing about how much shopping has to be done to make it a perfect it a perfect Christmas Day. Then I look at Bridget finally asleep in my arms. We are on day four of a nasty GI bug that has given three days of an unexpected hospital stay. One that hasn’t been the easiest for her.

She is finally showing improvement and may go home soon.

And I realize that Christmas will be perfect because she will be going home within a few days to be with her family unlike some children on this floor.

Thank you to the friends and family who have made the last four days easier. From taking care of Abby, providing me with M&Ms, making me laugh thru texts and phone calls, for working David’s shift so he could be there for Abby and for most importantly being there for our family

How much more do we need for the day to be perfect?”


I have said before that I am incredibly lucky in my village. The outpouring of support our family received was truly overwhelming. Those who finished my Christmas shopping, refusing to take “I’m all set” for an answer. Those who calmed me down when my texts were very sleep deprived and overly emotional. Those who took care of Abby so I could take care of Bridget. Those who worked David’s shift so Abby could have a parent home at night. Those who delivered food and wine. Oh thank you for the wine. Even the doctors and nurses who went out on their own to buy Bridget a muffin when that is what she asked to eat and the cafeteria was out.

Those who rejoiced in this moment when Bridget came home, in time for Christmas Eve (yes, in Halloween pajamas don’t judge).


Four days after being discharged, Bridget is now eating and drinking on her own. Her energy is better. Her sparkle is back.


I am Bridget, here me roar

To my friends and family, there are no words I can write, no gratitude I can give that would express … that without my village my sanity might not have survived this latest bout of Bridgetitis. So I will say simply:

Thank you.

From the bottom of my soul, thank you.

28 thoughts on “This moment

  1. christine

    Oh have mercy! What a horrible thing to go through. Saying I’m so glad she is feeling better is an enormous understatement, but it’s all I’ve got. A village like yours is invaluable, to be sure.


  2. Barb

    I am so thankfully that Bridget is doing so much better, that you were all able to spend Christmas together, and that so many people were there to help. I am sorry I was not there to help.


    1. firebailey Post author

      Barb, you were there in spirit! I am so thankful for all you do to support us. I hope you are enjoying the winter break and everyone is healthy. I especially that none of yours got the Wing GI bug that was their vacation present to so many of us 🙂


  3. Janine Huldie

    I did see you comment on something on Facebook last week, but things were truly a blur here just with Christmas alone. So truly can’t even imagine. My heart totally went out to you reading what Bridget and you all went through. Just happy to hear she is doing better and saying prayers she stays well now, too.


  4. thelatchkeymom

    Oh you poor thing and poor Bridget. I am so happy that all is well. I hate hospitals, no matter the circumstances – but Christmas, oh boy:(.


    1. firebailey Post author

      I know, I’d rather not spend another night in the hospital. But the nurses and doctors make it as painless as possible. That they got her home in time for Christmas was incredible.


  5. K

    What a scary experience…I am so glad that you had such an outpouring of support, though, and I am relieved to hear that she is doing better!!! HUGS! And I love her sparkle 🙂


  6. Autism Mom

    Oh sweetie! I am wrapping you in a virtual hug. I am sorry you had to go through that and so very glad all is well. Big hugs.


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  8. Sylvia

    Oh my goodness! What a scare! I’m so glad everything turned out okay. You are blessed to have such a village! Bridget is loved by many! And she is really getting big!


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    I am just sweating and sighing and so relieved that she is okay and you survived such a terrifying and exhausting ordeal my friend!!! Oh Heaven!! Bless that little girl’s heart… the pain and suffering that baby had to endure!!!! And you there by her side like such a beautiful loving desperate mama….

    What a Christmas gift you received. SO glad you and Bridget were home in time for it. ❤


    1. firebailey Post author

      It is heartbreaking, simply heartbreaking when I have to be a witness to her pain. Yet I wouldn’t ever want to be anywhere than by her side. The best gift ever wasn’t so much being home for Christmas but the outpouring of support we received during the crisis. The amount of people who were THERE in the way that mattered (rather than the throw away call me if you need anything) was simply the most amazing gift to receive.


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