It’s only 7 days old and 2015 is kicking our butt

On Dec 31st we all made resolutions: more me time, more patience, more living and (a favorite) to enjoy 2015 to the fullest. But it seems that 2015 is going to be very difficult to tame.  As a friend of mine recently posted: she is done with 2015.

For many of us 2015 hasn’t begun well. Back to school and back to Every Day Freaking Math. The amount of life changes in just 7 days seems overwhelming.  Friends have received deployment orders (so much for no more boots on the ground). Another special friend has suffered a tremendous loss. Still one more has lost their job.

Even Mother Nature is picking on us. Did I mention it was only 18 degrees this morning?

It is so very hard to maintain the hope with which we ended 2014.

The resolution to stop doing dishes and “ome ere” when Bridget has to ‘show me’ her Sofia Fathead. Every day out of the hospital brings farther from that feeling that this moment matters. To not scream at Abby to brush her freaking teeth. To not feel guilty of sitting on my butt and reading a nonsense book rather than doing laundry.



I do not how to make 2015 better. The year that will be remembered as a daughter’s loss of her mother.

I only know we cannot do it alone.

I am determined to repay the kindness and support we received during Bridget’s most recent hospital adventure. There are eleven months left for 2015 to kick our butt. Instead of focusing on the bruises I am focusing on making my limited reach impact someone in a positive manner.

Here is my goal: from February until December 2015 once a month I will pay it forward to someone who comments below. You won’t when you will receive  or what your pay it forward moment will be. It won’t be expensive, that is for sure! But I guarantee it will improve your day. I ask absolutely nothing in return. You do not have to pay it forward to someone else. You do not even have to send a thank you note. This isn’t about that. This is about showing one another that we are not alone. That we are together in this fight to make 2015 better than expected.

I hope you enter my 2015 let’s support one another plan by commenting below (make sure you include your e-mail).

17 thoughts on “It’s only 7 days old and 2015 is kicking our butt

  1. Janine Huldie

    Aww, I love your Pay It Forward mentality here and will say 2015 hasn’t been easy here either and it is only Kindergarten and pre-school, but god am I done with homework – there I said it! It was 15 degrees here today, snowed yesterday and ice galore and also just summer (beach) dreaming now. So, you honestly aren’t alone and hate complaining, but still after reading your words at least know I am good company here.


  2. thelatchkeymom

    Oh boy! I’m first:). I was going to comment anyway, because I felt so bad about your rear. Last year started off horrible for us. 2013 was one of the worst years ever, and I kept saying, “I’m so looking forward to 2014.” The first week, we go hit with the flu, a frozen pipe burst and flooded the basement and there was sad family news. It was hard to keep my head up – but the rest of the year went pretty dam well! Fingers crossed for you.


  3. Robin Brelsford

    interesting idea…I find it particularly genuine that you are not asking the recipient to do anything
    I would guess most will but the pressure of not “having to” makes it all more real


  4. Jessica Butler

    Oh dear cousin this post could not have come at a better time! 2015 has already presented it’s fair share of challenges including a surprise health condition I am battling. Please include me in your pay it forward & I will I turn pay it forward because this year has to improve.


  5. Dana

    I’m sorry this year is already kicking your butt, Kerri. I hope it will start playing nicer soon. I’m all for paying it foward – bring it on!


  6. lrconsiderer

    Seems like you’re making a pretty good attempt at kicking 2015’s butt BACK! Good for you 🙂 You’re living Silver Linings and *twinklysparklygood*-ing (YES! I can make that into a verb if I want!) other people’s lives, and so your own.

    You rock 😀 Show ’em all how it’s DONE 😀


  7. tamaralikecamera

    I didn’t know what you meant by Sofia Fathead until I scrolled down and now I totally get it.
    I am sorry about your year. I hope there are a lot less days of feeling butt-kicked, and more days of butt-kicking.
    And our school has a two hour delay tomorrow because of the wind chill. In New England!


  8. Holly Wittenmeyer

    oh Kerri, it is just like you to ask for nothing in return,you my dear are one kick ass momma and are much stronger than you know,I hope you have a better year and may some of the kindness and sweetness you bestow on others come back to you tenfold, so many of us adore you and your amazing wonderful family,Bridget and Abby never fail to make me smile,wishing you a much easier year and make some time for YOU my friend <3,love to all of you *



    Oh Kerri!!! I have a lot to catch up on over here, don’t I!!!??? Oh dear… I’m afraid to go back and read about 2014 and the hospital stay and just oh dear! And all those other traumatic going on around you… it’s just awful. Life can truly kick our butts when we least expect it to do just that.

    I’m off to go catch up and read some more posts…

    I LOVE what you are doing for the new year…. what a BEAUTIFUL way to shine light when you simply don’t feel like there is any. THAT”S how you do it!!! Make your OWN light!!! 🙂

    God bless you girl! XOXO


    1. firebailey Post author

      Exactly, making my own light. I love that. And I will say I have been able to begin paying it forward just a bit and without acknowledgement. IT does make a difference in your day for sure.


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