Guess who forgot she was co-hosting this week?

Every week my first every blog friend, Kristi, hosts the Finish that Sentence Friday. A few months ago she asked for sentence prompts with the idea of whomever came up with the prompt would co-host that week. It was a great idea as it kept this long-lasting blog hop going. At least that is what I thought when I gave her the prompt, “My first job….”

Fast-forward two months and not only did I forget I gave the prompt it took me until 9pm that I realized I was responsible for not only coming up with a post but also co-hosting. Co-hosting is great because you get to read everyone’s finishing of your first idea. Co-hosting is also not so great when you forget you are on deck and am spending the day with the Lady of the Lake on the day of the prompt and have company all weekend.

With that said, to everyone joining us, I admit to being the worst co-host ever but will be by your sites as soon as I can. Onto the prompt….

My first job was at Town Paint & Supply. What the owner was thinking allowing a 13-year old girl to be working in a hardware store is beyond me. But between that first job and all through high school I worked at hardware stores (True Value, my favorite).  It was the best job I’ve ever had. In fact, I think all young girls should have their first job in a hardware store. Here is why:

No drama

Guys are easy to work with, being young puts you under their protective wing. Especially when one of the 20-something construction workers offer to take you for a tattoo. As most young women don’t work in hardware you are not drawn into cliques or best yet you learn the right way to use a tool. For example, the difference between a flat and Phillips head screwdriver.

That is how I finished the prompt: My first job…..brought to you by me, Kristi, the fabulous Kelly and other lovely ladies that will be on the link-up.  By the way I’m kind of sorry for the prompt. But I hope you join us here:

8 thoughts on “Guess who forgot she was co-hosting this week?

  1. kellylmckenzie

    Nicely done. I’d never have guessed you forgot and left this puppy ’til the last minute. What a great first job! I so get that you were blessed to not work with girls and that the guys took you under your wing. It was the same for me when I worked at Trailways years ago (and crashed the border). And this topic? It wasn’t as bad as you think. I rather liked it!


  2. Kenya G. Johnson

    I appreciated the prompt. I had only blurbed about my first job in prior posts and I had only shared my photo on Facebook once on TBT. Enjoy your company this weekend.

    I call one “screwdriver” a flathead and the other screwdriver “not a flathead” but from working at one of my first jobs I can identify all types of produce 😉


  3. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    HAHA to “By the way, I’m kinda sorry for the prompt.” I liked it until I realized that it was Thursday much too late to write anything good yesterday. Oh well. Have fun with your company this weekend and next time you’re hosting, I’ll remind you a few days before. 😀


  4. Anna Fitfunner

    Hi Kerri: thanks for the prompt and for co-hosting. Yes, I could see how working at a hardware store would be a fun job growing up. A lot to learn. Plus getting invites for tatoos; well that’s something that is pretty fun! Hope that you are having a great time this weekend!



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