I don’t think I am very NYC

I’m getting a little nervous about this week. I am super excited to be a Voice of the Year. I cannot wait to meet Wil Freaking Wheaton. I am words beyond description to meet my blog friends for the first time in real life. It is the first time I will be in NYC. Well, other than the one bus trip where we went for the day (15 years ago). We had a Cape Cod Happy Hour on Trump Plaza and my husband’s butt ended up out the bus window on the way back. (Long story).  I think all we saw was the road the big toy store is on where there is that floor piano from the movie Big.

Nervous? No, I am scared as hell.

First, I’m leaving the girls for four days with my mom. Now my mom is wonderful, caring and she successfully raised three children of her own. Yet I’m needlessly worried that something is going to happen to the girls while I am more than six hours away. Pointless, yes. Foolish, indeed. Truthful, always.

Second, I’m worried about those blogging friends of mine. What if they don’t like the real-life Kerri but the one they think they know? You just know Mother Nature is going to be feeling humid that day and my hair will resemble some bad perm of the 1980’s.

Third, I’m on a panel pretending to be an “expert”. I’m not an expert! I’m just a person who obviously does not have a high privacy filter and therefore puts her thoughts, worries, ideas, experiences out there for people I know (and don’t know) to judge, relate and hopefully learn from one another.

Fourth, clothes. We are laid back Cape Codders. The last suit my husband bought was in 2005 for a wedding where he was the best man. He owns one pair of khaki’s and maybe one button down shirt. He is a jeans, t-shirt and sweatshirt type of guy who wears hiking boots year round. He may own a pair of loafers. Me? I’m more comfortable in my flip flops, tank top and pony tail then in high heels.

Five, culture: We are Jimmy Buffett people, not Phantom of the Opera people. Now, there is a concern that David will want to spend the entire weekend visiting fire stations (a valid fear as any other fire fighter’s wife can attest) and the 9/11 Memorial. I don’t even know where to start with culture. I cannot see us in a Museum, but I want to experience NYC and not look like a hick.

Six, food. Okay people I looked on some websites and I am mostly afraid David will have a stroke with the check arrives. Do you seriously charge $24 for a hamburger? Let me tell you, the best hamburger can be found at Flynn’s Irish Pub in Sagamore. For under $14 and you will never (I mean ever) be able to tolerate another burger anywhere else. I am not saying I want a four course meal, but I want to be able to afford more than a burger and again not look like Pretty Women in a fancy restaurant. Unless Richard Gere is footing the bill.

As you can tell, most of what I know about NYC is what I have gleaned from the Real Housewives. So tell me, my veteran NYC folks what are the must-sees, the must-eats and must-do’s. Will I be allowed into the hotel lobby in my shorts and flip flops?

9 thoughts on “I don’t think I am very NYC

  1. Sylvia

    My son and daughter-in-law live in NYC. I can ask them for ya!! You are going to have an awesome time and everyone is going to think the real you is awesome!! Everything is going to be awesome!! Congrats!!


  2. Pam

    My son lived there briefly for work – will ask him some questions too! And he did a few museums in his short time there!

    Have fun!


  3. Autism Mom

    It’s going to be great and I can’t wait to hear about it!

    I can totally relate to number 1 – I used to travel to Hawaii on business and I hated it being 2500 miles of ocean away from my boy. 2500 miles of land away didn’t bother me so much. I always felt ridiculous just wanting to be home and being the most miserable person in Waikiki, lol.


  4. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    I promise that you’re going to be fine and have fun and that we will adore In Real Life YOU! Also people were all over the place with wardrobe last year and there were definitely flip-flops on some and heels on others. People dressed up a little for the VOTY dinner but the next night, it’s McDonald’s and a rock concert. I’m pretty sure I wore shorts and flops to that last year.
    Also, one thing you’ll learn at BlogHer is that NOBODY is really an expert. Everybody is just writing and sharing and shares what they’ve learned about certain things in the sessions. So somebody may be really great at Pinterest or Twitter but still – just remember it’s all a bunch of bloggers just like you and me! They’re just people and nervous too! I promise!!! xxoo (ALSO I CANNOT WAIT!!!)


  5. Emily

    I can see that Kristi already covered wardrobe and yes I agree, anything goes in NYC (and I assume at BlogHer as well). You will be GREAT and I am so insanely jealous that you all get to hang out and have fun…I sort of don’t feel like much of a blogger these days so even if I could go (I can’t – it’s my birthday on Saturday – the BIG ONE!), I think I might feel like I don’t actually belong….sigh. I wish I could meet you and Kristi and the others in real life – you’re going to have the BEST time! As for cheap burgers, there are lots of places like that in NYC – Shake Shack for one. Or if you want a real greasy spoon type place, go to Big Nick’s on the upper west side – 70 W. 71st. It’s great! If you want/need more food recos, let me know!


  6. Allie

    I’m kind of jealous – I want to go and meet my friends, but NYC is intimidating. The majority of my MYC trips were work relate d- and therefore I was wined and dined and I didn’t feel the pressure of the $24 hamburger:). And I am quite confident that more of the bloggers feel just like you do, than not! I agree with Kristi about the “experts.” What panel are you sitting on?


  7. Dana

    You will be great, and you will fit right in. That’s the beauty of NYC – everyone fits in. Just enjoy yourself, and definitely wear shorts and flip flops. Can’t wait to hear all about it!


  8. Sandy Ramsey

    You need to stop, take a breath, relax, and have a great time! People are going to love you in person as much as they do online. You said it yourself, no privacy filter, so you are who you say you are. I’ve seen pictures and read stories about these blog conferences and they seem like a lot of laid back fun. I really wish I had planned to go. So many people I would love to meet….including you. Congrats on your VOTY! Well deserved, my friend. Now…go forth and enjoy!!!



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