Deep Breath

On May 9, 2015 under the care, thoughtfulness and support of our Directors (Phyillis Kim, Jessica Woodbury and Cheryl Stober) eleven woman stood up at the Old South Church in Boston, MA and told their stories.

It is surreal seeing myself in video. That is not what I look/sound like when I think of myself.  The awkward foot posture? That is all me! So deep breath, here I go….

Thank you to the friends who came and supported me that day. Thank you to those who could not attend but showed me your love and support. Thank you to Listen to Your Mother, BlogHer and SheKnows Media for the opportunity to participate. This is all so surreal to me.  I am still in awe that LTYM has happened.I could not have done it with out all of you.

Especially my cast mates. I never imagined I would walk away from LTYM having met some of the most fantastic, courageous women on Earth. Thank you for everything you did that day (including helping me open up a lipstick).

7 thoughts on “Deep Breath

  1. Dana

    Kerri! That was fabulous. Truly. To see and hear you as I listened to your words was amazing. I wish I could have been there, but watching this was the next best thing. Love, love, love.



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