Feeling Powerful (it might be the puff paint)

Last weekend  we created t-shirts for our upcoming Mudderella event next week. Yes, I did arts and crafts. I wanted to order them online, I was convinced this would be “fun”.  At least no one was injured. Then came the puff paint. I shuddered.  As I was instructed on the power of puff paint the fumes got to us and we wrote: PUFF POWER.


Abby told us the puff would give us what we needed to get through the obstacle course. Which led to the question: if you could have a superpower what would it be?

The problem with wishes is, like M&Ms, it is impossible to have just one. For example, I wouldn’t mind having a superpower. But I would want more than one superpower. I would want to be the Avengers, the Guardians, a Jedi and Princess Lea all in one rocking body with nice hair. I would want to be:

  • Strong enough to open a jar of salsa without having to ask my husband
  • Gentle enough to brush Bridget’s hair without her screaming throughout the entire process
  • Flexible enough to survive Sasha’s Buti Yoga class without falling over and knocking the person next to me fall at the same time
  • Smart enough to help Abby’s with her math homework without having to resort to YouTube videos
  • Tall enough to reach the top shelf in the kitchen without having to use a stepladder
  • Understanding enough that I would stop wanting to write: USE GOOGLE when someone posts a dumb question on Facebook
  • Brave enough that when a bug ends up on me while trying to garden I don’t scream like a man who just opened up his wife’s purse and accidentally touched a tampon
  • Hypersensitive hearing enough to hear my child enter the bedroom instead of having the crap scared out of me when I roll over and see them staring at me
  • Crafty enough that when I walk by the left over puff paint and fabric markers I didn’t shudder in fear
  • Kinetic enough to harness Bridget’s energy in order to keep up with my habit of over-commitment
  • X-Ray Vision enough to realize before Monday morning that no one emptied the lunchboxes on Friday afternoon
  • Endurance enough to get through a 5k without feeling like I had run a marathon

What would your superpower be?

That’s how I Finished the Sentence This Friday, “If I could have any superpower, I would want to be able to . . .” brought to us by Kristi Campbell,  Amy Hyde Goodwin and Michelle Grewe.

13 thoughts on “Feeling Powerful (it might be the puff paint)

  1. mamarabia

    Ugh! Friday lunchboxes on Monday morning…I feel your pain! We’re getting better at it at my house, but it’s still a work in progress!


  2. Christine Carter

    Ha! I think I could surely use the same superpowers you would! I would add something about magical sleep. Like you only need 4 hours of sleep and you feel GREAT and can function BEAUTIFULLY through the day on those magical 4 hours. Sleeping superpower? Yeah that.


  3. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    I love love it, Kerri! LOL to the screaming like a man accidentally touching a tampon in his wife’s purse and yes, I scream like that when a bug lands on me too. A couple of weeks ago, a cicada flew into our house and my husband thought I was dying or something from the ruckus I caused. our list is awesome and hilarious and I’m so so glad you linked it up. Also I’m very very afraid of math homework in coming years.


  4. Anna Fitfunner

    Great list! Maybe add “be able to divine in advance what homework or other school communication was SUPPOSED to come home in the backpack, but didn’t quite make it into the open air until about 5 minutes after we can do anything about it…..”? 😉


  5. kellylmckenzie

    Ohhhhh you’ve brought back a horrid nightmare of a memory. That very lonnng evening in which my daughter and I got to learn the metric system together. Oh man that was awful. We were both in tears at midnight trying to figure out measurements with a metal measuring tape. The kind carpenters use. It kept either snapping back in or bending or twisting or refusing to budge beyond 2 centimetres. Absolute hell. I finally fell into bed and couldn’t sleep until about 4:00 AM. Just delightful.


    1. firebailey Post author

      I swear to you, we used Google and then YouTube last year to figure out her math homework! I say homework has caused more tears in our home then any other act. Including the terrible two’s!



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