If we were sharing a glass of wine

If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you my weekend started in the best way possible. Sharing cold pizza (I swear it took 2 hours to arrive) at our town’s best bed & breakfast. While I didn’t spend the night, I returned on Sunday morning to piping hot pancakes, delicious french toast casserole and time spent with dear friends.If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you about the very cute guy at the shoe store. While training for a half-marathon it has become apparent that my sneakers were not up to the task. I would tell you of my matching blisters that led me to a store that specializes in fitting runners with proper footwear.  I would tell you that this very cute guy laughed at (what he called) my K-Mart Specials (they were from Payless) as he fitted me into a proper pair of running shoes.  Promising me that I would now run faster and longer. We will see.


The most money ($110!) I have ever spent on an article of clothing, including my wedding dress.

If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you how on Monday when I was showering, Abby came running into the bathroom all upset: “MOM!!!! Bridget swallowed her tooth and her mouth is gushing blood”.  As I rinsed the shampoo out of my eye, I quickly jumped out and slipped on the floor.  Bridget comes in laughing, no blood anywhere and said to me: tooth crunchy. Not a spec of blood to be found. No tooth either.

If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you that I read the best book: The Same Sky and couldn’t put it down.  I also read Wild and wasn’t that impressed. I’m not sure if it was because it was over-hyped or if I just wasn’t into it.  Which is weird because I usually enjoy books about a Walk in the Woods.

If we were having a glass of wine, I would remind you that this is the month when Bridget’s appointments at Children’s starts up again.  That I am dreading some of them (like tomorrow’s) and looking forward to others. That each time we go to Children’s I worry that instead of finding something right, they will say they found another barrier she has to overcome.

If we were having a glass of wine, I would laugh as I told you I overslept this morning and blame the girls.  I would ask how it is possible that they are up at the butt-crack of dawn on weekends and holidays but not on school days.


If we were having a glass of wine, I would ask how your week was going and I would hope you would tell me…

8 thoughts on “If we were sharing a glass of wine

  1. Allie

    I didn’t love Wild either (I liked the movie better than the book). I LOVED A Walk In the Woods and can’t wait to watch the movie. My week is going okay, but I’m tired. I want to say I’m ready for the weekend – but it’s busy, too. I’m ready for summer break!


    1. firebailey Post author

      Yes, I don’t know why that book bothered me so much. I cannot wait to see a walk in the woods! If you haven’t had a chance read a In A Sunburned Country by the same author. It not only cracked me up but made me question a friend when they decided to backpack through Australia!


  2. Autism Mom

    I would have to turn down the wine because I am on vicodin for pain (short-term, it will go away!), and then ask you to forgive me if I got a little giggly. 😉


  3. lrconsiderer

    If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you that I’m doing barely anything these days, but am still bone-deep tired. I would tell you how much I hate the grey and the cold, and that my hands are numb to the wrists already, but that I won’t roll down the sleeves of my jumper because I don’t like encumbered wrists as I write (though they still bear bracelets given by friends). I would tell you that I feel hopelessly as though I won’t be able to get back, and as though this mountain is just too high, and the heaven of its pinnacle is unachievable.

    I would tell you that I wonder if it was all the most beautiful, wonderful dream ever, and that’s all I get…

    I hope Bridget’s appointments go well though, and I’m glad your weekend started so well 🙂


    1. firebailey Post author

      I would reply, that I am so very sorry you are not where your heart is but I have the utmost confidence that you will be sooner than later. That you have a plan and a drive that will see you vault over that mountain (or in this case the Atlantic Ocean). The appointment went okay, better than expected but with qualifiers. I hope your weekend gave you time to regroup.

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      1. lrconsiderer

        Ohhhh GOOD! I’m so glad it went well. That’s really good news, even in spite of the qualifiers.

        I WILL get there somehow. For the first time in my life I feel like I have a really strong goal to aim for, and that it’s so very worthwhile. I’m working on it 🙂


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