Note to self…

Bridget has been asking to go to the beach. A lot. We rejoiced! Finally our Cape girl is embracing her roots and ready to hit the Neck. With Spring finally here, we headed to the beach to see the seals.

We forgot about the wind.It would probably help Bridget’s fear of the beach if we stopped taking her when there is huge wind and sand blowing all around. I swear we thought we were doing a good thing. It was 60 degrees, sunny and we were all home at the same time. Let’s take a ride down Cape and see the seals.

Bridget loves animals. This will be great.

We drive down Cape. We park. We take a great photo of the girls sitting together. Looking at the ocean.

IMG_1148 (1)

Come on, it’s great shot.

Then we headed down the beach and into the wind.


Bridget lasted 90 seconds and ran back in the car.


Her sister and father saw the seals. I beat my mom in Words with Friends. Bridget has Pirate Booty.


I no like wind

Everyone was happy.

Note to our parenting selves, next time check the wind along with the weather.

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