Bridget dating?

Have you watched Born This Way yet? I swear it is the best show on television. If you watch one show this year, this is a must see. Born This Way is about a group of 20-something adults who have Down Syndrome. It doesn’t exploit them or their families, to my mind. It just shows how a typical family lives an unexpected life.

This show demonstrates to me, in a small way, some things I never thought of when it comes to Bridget.

One day David & I were having lunch at a Pub. In walks a couple that could be us in 15 years. They sit at the bar with a young woman who obviously had a disablity. She was non-verbal and as they sat down I shared “that” smile. The one where you see another warrior mom and offer a look that says, I understand. As we waited for our food, the young woman was served a glass of wine.

Holy crap, I never thought of that.

Seriously, no judgement. I just never thought of Bridget drinking a soda let a glass of vino.

Of course this led to the rabbit hole of every thing else I hadn’t thought of: puberty, dating, driving, boys and dating, smoking, “the talk”, boys and dating, marriage, college the list goes on.

Dating especially.

Bridget dating never once crossed my mind. Seriously. I don’t know why, okay I do. I’ve been so focused on teaching her to talk, I never thought I would have to teach her how to talk to boys!

During the Season 2 premier, Born this Way showed how the group is navigating dating. They were going to a mixer to meet potential dates for a ball. All of the attendees had Down Syndrome. At one point, Steven says he doesn’t want to limit his dates to those with a disability.

He is just a boy who wants a girlfriend.

I am just starting to navigate a life fighting for inclusion for my child. Steven’s mom? She has done it. She has raised a boy who knows he has a disability but knows that doesn’t mean he cannot have a full life.

He knows that his dating choices are only limited by his ability to carry on a conversation with a girl. I have nephews, it’s a common rite of passage for them to learn how to talk to girls. It’s completely normal and typical and awesome that he isn’t a ladies man but a boyfriend in search of a girlfriend.

Yes, because it’s all about Bridget it made me think. Will she date? Will she date a person with a disability or a person who loves her for who she is? Will she fall in love? Will he have a disabilty or just a heart that sees past her disabilities?

Holy crap, will I have to dry her tears while David kicks the boy’s ass that dares to break her heart?

This is seriously something I never thought about before: first comes love, then comes marriage then comes….

WHOA I’m not ready for that thought experiment.


I am not a reviewer of Born This Way, but I will say YOU MUST WATCH THIS SHOW. It will open your eyes, your hearts and expand your imagination of what if?


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