So many things to be thankful…

I try to show my appreciation to my village throughout the year, but Thanksgiving is the day to count them out loud.

Today I am thankful for these three that keep my life entertaining.

Today I am thankful for a friendship that has lasted 34 years and seems pretty secure to go another 34.


I am thankful for my camping with my outlaws.


I am thankful for the friend when I answer a text honestly that last week sucked but this week is better shows up at my front porch. At 9pm. With Socks.


I am thankful for being able to call Australia and talk for 4 hours, when it feels like only 4 minutes have transpired.

I am thankful for Saturday morning pancakes and a shared sense of humor at a Sunday psychic.


I am thankful for high school friends who commit to meeting once a month so we always feel connected.

I am thankful for my PACS1 family, from all over the world, who are all unique in their own way. More they support one another (and me) in such awesome ways.


I”m thankful for the team of doctors, therapists, teachers and ESPs (especially important people) that make Bridget the best she can be.

I’m thankful for the circle of friendship that is a square.

I’m thankful for the friend that makes her older teenager take my teenager trick-or-treating and then walks the route with Bridget and I.


I’m thankful for a 2nd grade class full of friends that include Bridget not because they have to but because the adore her.


I’m thankful for sisterly love, one that amazes me and one I know just gets stronger with time.


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I’m thankful for my village. The one that keeps me sane. The one that puts me back together when I break. The one that laugh with me. The ones that let me be in their lives, even though my needs take up so much space.

Thank you all for being my village people, from the bottom of my heart.

2 thoughts on “So many things to be thankful…

  1. Beth

    and we are thankful for you in our lives… supporting us. laughing with us…. sometimes being naughty with us! LOVE you to the moon and back. Beth



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