Some days you cannot be a Princess

Bridget loves her princesses. It is funny and shows nature over nurture. I am so not a princess and Abby has been done with make-believe and princesses for years.  Bridget loves princesses.




You name a princess she loves them and rainbows.  She really loves rainbows.

But…Bridget is not six years old.  She is not a little girl anymore. She is nine.  Nine year-olds do not wear Elsa shirts. They may wear light up rainbow shoes, but not for too much longer. They do still play with Barbies. They do watch Elena and Frozen and like Princesses.

Yet that time is nearing an end. Not today, but soon.

I want Bridget to be included. It is vitally (and probably inappropriately) important to me that Bridget is accepted by her typical classmates, her peers. To do that she has to assimilate. She has to fit in, maybe not with language but in looks. She needs to dress like a 9-yo. She needs to conform.

Which is odd, because if Abby conformed or bowed to peer pressure I would intervene. I would encourage her to walk to her own beat, to never conform or to be part of the crowd.

Different girls, different standards.

My fear is that if I let Bridget stay in the princess phase, she will remain there. That she will be forever three years old in her mind, her actions and her being. To be completely honest, I do not want a 16 year-old wearing Princess Sofia. When a typical 16-year old (or older) girl goes to Disney and gets her photo with Belle, wears a Disney t-shirt, she gets it’s not real.  That girl/woman is on the joke, they are having fun and pretending.  Bridget won’t be. Don’t get me wrong, Sofia is awesome and currently on Bridget’s bedroom wall. But I don’t want her stuck at this phase.  For now, it can stay.  Like in all aspects of her life, I want Bridget to progress. I need her to grow.

Yes, I acknowledge this is my issue not Bridget’s.

It doesn’t change my feelings or needs. These same needs that I feel guilt about have also made sure the girl who would never roll over now can ride the carousel alone.  I know she can do more, I know Bridget can be more than where she happens to be right now.

I also know I need to push her and those who wish to cave into the Princess box, even if it makes her (and them happy).  But how will we know if other things can make her equally happy if we do not try?

With that said, she is never wearing a mini-skirt that barely covers her butt.

I don’t care what her chronological age happens to be, she is not going to dress like Disney tartlet.

Bridget is allowed her unicorn rainbow pillow.

But she also needs to wear her big girl clothes

Straddling the traditional and the PACS1 life to get the most out of both

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