We had a little normal

Please note, I would never ask a therapist, teacher, ESP or doctor/nurse work during this unprecedented pandemic.  However something is happening to families whose child has special needs and we have to talk about it.


This weekend we had a sense of normalcy.

Bridget made coffee cake. We did laundry (not as much as most weeks, bonus!). David and I went for a hike in the woods (a lot more people in there than normal) and reconnected as a couple.

We had Bridget do her school work, just to keep that consistency for today.

We also had a sense of the surreal. We didn’t go the the grocery store (Bridget was not happy).  We didn’t go to the dump (this upset her as well–me not so much).  We didn’t do as much as we normally do.

It was nice.

It was nice to play cribbage with Abby. To organize the cabinet that every time you opened, you were taking your life into your hands.

We talked, a lot.

There was no alarm set, no place we had to be.

We had a fire and hung out around it as we watched really bad TV.

I read two books.

We just hung out as a family.

Abby said this was the best part about the pandemic.

We were just a family this weekend.

As I got up this morning to leave for work, the house was quiet. The girls were sleeping. There was no yelling to hurry up and feed the freaking rabbit so we can get out the door. There was no running to the bus. There was no lunches to make or complaints about teenage hair.

It was nice.

It was nice to have an unhurried morning. As I drove to work the sun was shining and it was a peaceful moment as I realized how much I am looking forward to next Saturday.

When we could be a family, without the outside pressures.




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