It was a Black Day

There are not a lot of Halloween books I have ever read Bridget.  She loves the Big Pumpkin, but only when accompanied by the audio book, not in my voice. Then a friend sent me, Black Day by Marcus Sikora.


Black Day is a story of inclusion at Halloween, but not the way you think.  Rather than the atypical child not being allowed to join an activity, it is told from the typical kid who just wants to join a band.  Unfortunately, the Band is (gasp) for Monsters only.

What happens when a boy who hungers to play, who wants to belong and is excluded? Instead of getting mad, he finds a way to show the Monsters he can be a perfect band mate. Bridget loved the artistry (she kept asking for the “green boy”). I gave the book to her sister and asked for a tween review:

I like how the story flows. You wanted to know if Brad would turn into a monster or just play in the band. And I was really worried if Halloween wouldn’t happen.  I just wish the story was longer.

(I won’t say more to prevent spoilers!)

I just wish the story was longer…something every author wants to hear and I hope Marcus does to write a sequel!

You can order Black Day through Amazon.


A little about the author: Marcus Sikora is an author, actor and singer.  Not only did he write the story, he did a video short as well (seriously, watch it. Bridget thought it was “silly” and then made me rewatch it 10 times in a row). Marcus also has Down Syndrome. Which I never told Abby until after she read the story.  Her response? Why does that matter because an author is an author.

I love inclusion.

Disclaimer: Marcus’s mom sent me the book free of charge and while she asked me for an honest review there was no other expectation or compensation.  If I hadn’t liked the book, I probably would not have reviewed it. If my child didn’t enjoy the story I would not have re-read it to her.  So great work Marcus! Keep writing and being the unique guy you are.  

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