Friday, time to wine

Please note, I would never ask a therapist, teacher, ESP or doctor/nurse work during this unprecedented pandemic.  However something is happening to families whose child has special needs and we have to talk about it.


If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you how this third week of the pandemic is going.

I would tell you that being a working mom is still tough, but it is much easier to get to work in the morning when you don’t have to make lunches or fight with the kids to get out of bed.

I would tell you that my children have been in pajamas the entire week (they have bathed), but the amount of laundry has significantly decreased.

I would tell you that I am happy that liquor stores (we call them packies in Massachusetts) are considered essential, but that I have been rationing just in case.

I would tell you that I have cooked dinner every night, which is nice because then I have something other than M&Ms for lunch the next day.

I would tell you that without Abby the transition to no school/no therapy would be a disaster for Bridget, but she now has definitely crossed out special ed teacher and/or therapist off her “maybe what I want to be when I grow up” list.

I would tell you when you have a spouse on the front lines of the pandemic, you are happy he is not unemployed but you hope he doesn’t bring the illness into the house. (Yes, we are taking every precaution possible).

I would tell you that when I am at work I am in a locked office alone, so when the guys tap on the window and wave I feel like a zoo animal on display. The upside is I’m wearing jeans to work which has made the “what to wear to work today” decision much easier.

I would tell you what I told my boss when he asked why I wasn’t “overly concerned” about COVID-19: when you almost lose your child in the hospital (not once, but multiple times), you learn to take caution but not panic until you are back in there and have to make a decision.

I would tell you that Bridget is confused, she knew today was Friday and is wondering why she is not able to see her friends at the Y for swimming. But she is easy when you say they “cancelled it” and move on. I would also add I wish they would refund her class fee, but that is just a battle not worth fighting.

I would tell you that for years (no exaggeration), years I have struggled on a laptop not being able to find the scroll button on the side of the screen. Thankfully Abby just saw me struggling and showed me the mousepad trick. If you need it let me know, she can tutor you too!

I would tell you I miss our Saturday pancake mornings, with the Chew Crew, I miss meeting you out for quick “girl time” and I miss adventures. I would also tell you that we are all getting pretty good at this virtual meeting thing, so let’s figure out how to do a virtual hangout for fun thing.

I would tell you that we’ve been playing a lot of cribbage here. I would say that I am just helping Abby keep her math skills up, but if you saw her count you would say I am failing.

I would tell you I am deeply disappointed in the Board of Education response to the special education children in this country, but you know that so I would focus on other topics.

The other topic would be you. How are you doing? What can I do to help make this time easier for you?

It’s Friday, we made it through another week. I wish we were on my front porch right now sharing our week. Since we cannot do that, pour a glass of your favorite and share with me in comments.


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